What I Eat In A Day Keto | healthy, low carb, paleo recipes

What I Eat In A Day Keto! healthy, paleo recipes that are easy and tasty! these keto recipes are SO GOOD. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY …

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15 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day Keto | healthy, low carb, paleo recipes

  1. Love these what i eat in a day videos @💙Couple of table spoons of dairy free creamer any flavor to my coffee. I cant funtion without coffee been drinking coffee for years . trying to cut down i drink alot per day. Love everything about coffee.

  2. Taylor Hollabaugh March 9, 2019 at 12:12 am - Reply

    I’d love to hear an explanation on why Keto is healthy! I have family members that have lost a lot of weight on it but they eat a lot dairy, they’re not eating a lot of veggies. Dairy kinda grossed me out and I have to have greens to feel good. Love your videos! Btw Your diet is so balanced! You’re such an inspiration to me:)))

  3. This video makes me happy!!:)) Thanks for the vlog style, it feels more personal and real!! I'm loving this

  4. Your what I eat in a day videos are my fav💕your videos always get me so excited!

    More keto What i eat in a day/keto smoothie variations/keto dessert recipes would be helpful😊

  5. I hope you will be sharing more of "what I eat in a day" because I really want to try keto but I need options on what to eat and have "sweets" at the same time and your recipes are always delicious! Looking fwd to your future videos! Thanks Liv!

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