What I Eat In A Day – Healthy Recipes, Tips and More

Okay girls you asked me to film a video on “What I Eat in a Day”! So I did. I thought it would be perfect to shoot this in France, as I am here filming for a week, …

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32 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day – Healthy Recipes, Tips and More

  1. Hi, I'm so glad that I found your site. I'm continuously doing your walking workouts and back workout for the past 2 months and my tummy has reduced much. Thank you very much Lucy. Please upload some exercises for breast reduction. I would be very thankful if you are pleased to do so.

  2. You are the first fitness trailer which I found honest of showing what you actually eat really you eat so much little amount but healthy one I like you miss honest than others because the other ones are just lies they show they eat a lot but stay slim because they do exercise but I thank you from bottom of my heart you actually shared a Honest vedio eat little but healthy exercise a bit stay relaxed and you are just gorgeous by these things

  3. She is over 45 , that is why she eats this little, her metabolic system is slower after menopause…if she wants to stay THIS thin she must eat very little….

  4. Lucy I am like u I don’t get hungry I just eat when I am bored so I am gonna start to have porridge and would a little sugar be alright or is that unhealthy x

  5. For those of you who think the daily meals total was between 800-1000 calories, I suggest you try reading nutrition labels. The coconut milk (1/3 C.=140 cal) and peanut butter (1 tbsp=95 cal) which added fat and sugar to the oatmeal, the soup had a bit of oil (1 tbsp.=130 cal) and the salmon is slathered with low-fat cream cheese (70 cal in 2 tbsp.) Her recipe looked like a 1/2 cup, that's like 560 cal! These numbers don't include the oats, chia seeds, vegetables, salmon, etc. That one dinner meal is 1000 calories! I think Lucy is getting enough calories, and able to keep up with how much she is burning off, and have a chocolate treat. She's done this long enough to know how to keep it balanced.

  6. I love your workout videos…but this wasn't well executed 🙁 . Maybe with a good camera (I saw your Canon!) and better videographer we'd enjoy it more. Also, I thought this video was just about food! 🙁

  7. What did you have for dinner? Only a green salad… I was hoping you added some salmon fish to your dinner. Your meals are to light for my belly I will be hungry all day.

  8. You eat very little and very clean. Your calories have to be low no more than 800. I lost a pound just watching you go up and down those steps. I like your exercise videos but eating is another story.

  9. How many sets of stairs did you do that day?? I lost count at 12. Love the soup recipe. Major allergies to foods so have to be creative when I cook.

  10. I simply Love ❤️ You beautiful Lucy 😇
    It is my Wish that Hope I get to meet you in person someday just so I can express my gratitude to u for this abundant inspiration & treasure u have revealed for each one across the globe 🌎
    U are definitely an angel 😇 Luv u❤️😘⭐️🥇💝🍫💋God's blessings always!
    Love & hugs 🤗 for ur family too 💐💝

  11. Hi Lucy! I loved this video and I love ALL your videos!! You are such an inspiration as I exercise with you and cook with you!!! Please, please, please do more cooking videos!!! I just bought a spirilizer because of you and just love it!! Vegetable pasta is awesome!

  12. I'm SO happy I found your channel Lucy!! I'm a new member to the Lucy Squad, and I can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for the motivation, you are truly wonderful and beautiful 🙂

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