What I eat in a day | Healthy Paleo Diet | (Not vegan)

Helloooo my fellow foodies!!! You guys asked so here it is… My What I Eat in a day !!! Yipppeeeeeee – SO I hope you all enjoy following my food diaries …

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33 thoughts on “What I eat in a day | Healthy Paleo Diet | (Not vegan)

  1. PSA this is not an accurate depiction of a paleo diet, in case anyone is wanting to switch to a paleo diet. You can't have dairy, even lactose free. Although some people make allowances if they aren't sensitive for grass fed butter. You also don't eat grains like oats or corn. Just fyi.

  2. I'm finding out I'm probably allergic to Cheese and Soy. A while back I tried a bite of soy. I almost fainted. Food looked really yummy.

  3. You and your mam always make me crave salads 😂 I need to watch yous more 😁 I have issues with my thyroid, but it's not thyroiditis it's a gene I have called Pten gene that is attacking my thyroid, am gonna need it removed soon or medication, I suffer from tiredness alot. Great to see that you don't allow your intolorances get you down x x x 😘😘

  4. Hey! There is a coconut aminos that is actually made without soy, it has a blue label, and it's super yummy! I would check to see if you can get it 🙂

  5. I’m obsessed with you and your mum, you’re just amazing. You always, always look stunning and well groomed💗😍!!. Also, where can I buy that fruit/ veg spray from and what’s it called pretty please🍉🍌?. XxxxxX

  6. Omg Misha you eat so healthy. I'm ashamed to say I eat bread, cakes, sausage rolls, crisps every day lol. I eat chips and gourmet burgers tons too and can't give up caffeine due to withdrawal headaches 😫. I haven't exercised in around 13 years lol and at 44 don't think I'll change. I hate fruit it makes me want to wrench no lie and I do eat salad but have to eat it with garlic bread or chips lol. I'm not a good example of eating great and I swear I have an endless tummy as I eat more than my fiancé. Love my bad food unfortunately. Loved the video as always xx ❤️😘

  7. Misha, I didn’t know what most of that stuff was!! I would definitely go through major culture shock if I were to come there!! I see now how you Grime Gals keep those gorgeous figures. If I knew I would keep my figure as slim and trim as yours, I would convert to a new form of eating. You two are rather healthy too so I guess I will check some of your dishes out. Enjoy your dinner Girls! Love u!💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄💄

  8. Just curious as to why you put a pic of you in a bikini as the thumbnail, would you say your size is due to your diet? Just curious If you've always been that way or whether the diet has helped with weight loss 😊

  9. noooo! you grew up in Banstead!!! i remember visiting my Auntie, who also used to live there!! and i just found out that Andrew Garfield also grew up there!!!

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