WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | healthy easy ideas, meal prep recipes

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you what I eat in a day to try to get healthy again – these are simple, easy healthy meal recipes that I’ve been loving.

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47 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | healthy easy ideas, meal prep recipes

  1. Hi Liezel! Those breakfast wraps are called breakfast tacos! 🌮🌮💖 Thank you for your videos! I'm 2 years cancers free and need to change my eating habits! You have helped me so much! Be blessed!

  2. Angelina Galeyeva October 6, 2018 at 4:33 am - Reply

    I have my SAT tomorrow and I should be sleeping but only after I watch your video!! So glad you uploaded today:) I can relieve some of my stress about tomorrow

  3. It makes me nervous every time she say "little" something I don't know why but I kind of hate it. Sorry I love you anyway jaja 😘 you help me a lot

  4. The soup looks so good and as for the chocolate and peanut butter…well now! I'm going for that and the soup. I hope you're feeling better. I'm sure it's an ongoing process and I wish you all the best!
    I'm type 2 diabetic so your diet is helpful to me. I love the brown rice, beans, and quinoa combo!

  5. Keto diet is helping me so much, only thing about your video is I would skip the corn tortilla, 28g of carbs ahhh. I have no dairy, I use unsweetened Almond milk. Just saying what I personally do to feel better as I struggled with bloating & insulin resistance. Stopped sugar altogether I use Stevia, can't believe I don't miss it as I was having 8 cups of coffee a day with 8 teaspoons of SUGAR. OMG so stupid now when I look back. Feel so much better, god bless you ~peace~ ~~~~~~cancer loves sugar~~~~~

  6. I love, love, love, your approach to food. Everyone out there is on the Keto bandwagon but I enjoy whole grains such as the quinoa, brown rice and bean mixture you make.

  7. I always love your videos and your recipe ideas 😀 I hope you keep feeling better! Thanks for sharing with all of us <3

  8. Hi, mexican here! Ketchup with eggs is pretty common on my country too (: also, I recommend you heating the tortillas in a pan. No oils, no nothing just put them there and flip them after like 30 seconds and they will last hot and nice pretty long while you eat (:

  9. You should really try to make your own broth! Just get beef or chicken bones and let them simmer for a couple of days with some veggies. So easy and it makes everything taste so much better 🙂 I make a huge pot of bone broth and put it in plastic boxes after straining and pop them in the freezer 🤓

  10. I really hope you are getting better Liezl and dont hesitate if you need to take a break from YouTube, for us, your health goes first 💜

  11. Hope you feel better soon.  I have tried a few of your recipes and really enjoy them.  On an earlier "what I eat in a day" you made a chocolate banana coffee breakfast smoothie.  I have been having that nearly every morning and am really enjoying it.  I also really enjoy avocado grilled cheese that you made.  I think I may try this chicken vegetable soup in my crockpot to see how that works.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love these food videos!!! They really help me get inspiration for meals that will keep me on track and healthy, thank you Liezel!!!

  13. Absolutely love kombucha! my health food store sells a 64oz bottle of the trilogy flavour for only $6.70, also Costco sells kombucha and has Kevita on sale for 7.99 for 6 bottles right now. Such a good deal!

  14. Eat…..Vegetables…..RAW. I don't understand why people boil vegetables, they get soggy and lose their flavor.

  15. Approximately how many calories is this day of eating? Do you try to stay within a range? Love your video!!

  16. I seem to get I'll every year in the cooler months when In in So Cal.
    I believe it's cuz there are lots of visitors to So Cal.

    Get better soon 🙏

  17. Heinz makes a sugar free catsup… reasonable price and readily available in US grocery stores… great video Thanks!!!

  18. Hey Liezl Jane! I hope you are feeling better. Thank you so much, for making these videos! You inspire me. I am going to start your point system. Love how healthy your recipes are!

  19. Your journey has been so motivating in getting healthier and keep trying. I have to say your skin is GLOWING in this one. Any specific changes you made for your skin in your diet or skin care routine?

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