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38 thoughts on “What I Ate // Extra-Healthy Vegan Recipes

  1. JesusGodHolySpirit3 August 30, 2017 at 11:21 am - Reply

    I Loved the HUMMNAS WRAPS awesome argh i dont like humas its gross but will look into it more thanks for that one ! BTW the SPICY kimichi brand is the worst kimichi that I have ever had it is like drinking a kambucha it is not kimichi at all its so gross i had to give it back worst ever

  2. With the help of your videos, I can happily say I've transitioned from being Vegetarian to Vegan! Thank you very much Sarah, you're a peach.??

  3. LOVE your channel! Did you make the roasted peppers you used in the wraps or were those store bought (already prepared)? Thank you.

  4. Nice video! it makes me happy that people share vegan recipes and ideas!
    By the way i think your voice sounds SO much like Ellen page's voice! 🙂

  5. therealgizemgueven August 30, 2017 at 11:22 am - Reply

    Im vegan for almost half a year and sometimes I'm tempted to go back because I can't find great recipes. Then i always watch your videos and get back on track. Ughh and it's so hard to stay strict in an oriental family ?? (because of the great food my grandma makes ?. Not the religion)

  6. I love how you actually add flavor to your foods. There are so many vegan channels that I watch where they don't really add much flavor to their food. But to me, your meals always looks so tasty!

  7. Yes to the music at the end !!!! I will try these recipes . I'm supposed to be getting ready for my sisters wedding next year . And where do you get your black salt ???

  8. The breakfast scramble so sounds good. Think I could substitute hummus for the baba ganoush? I'm super lazy and don't want to make it, haha! And I couldn't find it at my store.

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