Weekday Morning /Healthy Breakfast lunch box and lunch recipes/Candid Homemaking

Here sharing our weekday morning on a school day.Sharing a healthy breakfast recipe, easy lunch recipe, lunch box idea for school.Cooking and teaching kids …

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26 thoughts on “Weekday Morning /Healthy Breakfast lunch box and lunch recipes/Candid Homemaking

  1. Curry leaves u stay here- rest all go down! U r so sweet , Nileena! 😁😉😊😘
    Btw Adi has got to have the healthiest most envied lunchbox in the lunchroom😁

  2. 6.30 am late !!?? 😂😂 your late morning routine is my fast start morning routine dii😆😆 thank you for sharing…Adi u melted my heart 😘 anjali what a neat writing and focus 😎👍🏻

  3. We all have those days when things just don’t seem to go right & start feeling low& need that motivation to get going with the day…
    Seeing your video today bought that smile in me which was lost since yesterday,,all credits goes to Adhi for bringing that 😊😘You are such an adorable boy ,loving brother & most precious son any parents could ask for!!Stay blessed dear😘😘💕
    Anjali you are growing up so quickly,love hearing to all wat you speak😘😊
    The weather here too has been freezing!!Stay warm Nileena.Loads of love to all of you😘💕💕

  4. You are a lovely homemaker. Definitely motivates is. Is 1/2 a cup ravva enough for 4 people? And please do a video on having good relationship with husband and how to raise good kids please

  5. its cold as well in UAE … but not near -15 degrees….& i was planning to have mini idlis / hot ghee dosa with good chutney

  6. Hi dear your videos are amazing ,Ya we live in Spain and i feel the same about the bright day will always be more productive

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