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  1. That's exactly where I am. I have been at the same weight for a while and the only time I can get below it is to go on a raw food cleanse for like 7 days and then of course I gain the weight back slowly afterwards. My husband has a high metabolism so he can literally eat whatever the hell he wants but its so important for me to avoid oil and other high fat foods especially in the evenings. Everything you said made sense!

  2. Love your cooking and meal plan videos. Can you please do a series of meal planning videos that caters to people who commute to work. Basically for people who need to have food that's already cooked so that they can throw it in a container, and catch the bus to get to work. Breakfast and lunch ideas please. Thanks Hannah!

  3. Hannah you are so gorgeous! You are looking so happy and healthy I'm so proud of the success you have gained you deserve it all and then some! Sending love ❤

  4. yep. this is me. i cannot have a single portion of peanuts or cashews, always end up binging ? will try this recipes!¡

  5. Thank you so much for all your amazing work and effort… btw your video format and the way you show how to create these..
    I love your style! Beautiful work:}

  6. Totally love your channel! i love avocado, when i can get them i eat about 1/2 of one a day, is that too much? Right now its a non issue- avocados here in Maine right now are way under ripe and 2.00 each!

  7. As usual, I love you and your videos! Thanks again for your inspiration, recipes, and working so hard to help those of us that want to get healthy and loose the weight for good.

  8. haha the peach toss around the end, noice. LOVE this series and the editing and how the food looks and the recipes xo

  9. Just focus on what she has to say I say to myself. You can get through this. Look up! Look at her eyes. Look at that hair that leads down to her… tits. OMG check out those tits

  10. Healthy Crazy Cool August 30, 2017 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    The people who binge on overtly fatty foods are the very people who restrict, vilify & demonise them! I have found from working with hundreds of people with these tendencies is that letting them have a little overt fat Combined with Each meal (with starches, beans etc) takes away any urge to binge on fats! plus a meal with some fat is 20 times more satiating for weight loss! never restrict or eliminate them.. I know you usually promote healthy fats like you said which is great.. otherwise great video

  11. Hannah, your videos bring me to tears. What a beautiful gal you are inside and out. Thank you for sharing your love, passion and wisdom from your experience. And please try using "On Guard" from doTERRA for your cold. This will also improve your immune system NATURALLY! If you have any questions or need help with an order, please let me know. Take care sweetie, and thank you again SO much for what you do!

  12. I use chia daily for digestive issues, and lately, have been having some avocado. I think it slows down weight loss but, seems to help with skin problems. I just try to use something for a while and see what happens. More or less, an elimination diet.

  13. Hey girl, loving these videos so far, can't wait to see more! Quick question please, when you use the frozen hash browns do you let them thaw first or throw them on the skillet/foreman still frozen?

  14. I think the green light on the GF grill just means that it's up to temperature…another great video, thanx!

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