Vegan Keto Meal Plan & Prep! #kickstart2019

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49 thoughts on “Vegan Keto Meal Plan & Prep! #kickstart2019

  1. Finally! A VEGAN + KETO Meal Prep! It’s a tough one… but can be done! Share your own vegan keto favorites below!

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much for putting in the time & effort to create this video! Have always wanted to try Keto but didn’t know what that would look like while following a vegan diet-just learned it isn’t for me, far too restrictive haha thank you so much!

  3. Ok… I gave the thumbs up because Mind over Munch is awesome…but I will NEVER do this type of diet. If I get to this point in life…just give me water…..until I die.

  4. Sarah Kate Goehring January 31, 2019 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    vegan keto, aka “veto,” is one of the hardest restriction sets to work with, so cheers for this video! 😂

  5. I’ve been hearing and seeing more vegans trying out keto. Not for me, but for anyone interested, thatveganmom has started doing some videos on it 🙂

  6. Chidima Asikaburu January 31, 2019 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Please do a budget Keto Meal Plan. No avocados please. Also could you do a video explain how different cooking oils react in your body. Love you videos ❤️

  7. Georgianna Edwards January 31, 2019 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Yes! 🙌 I have been trying to eat keto for several months but I'm using so much dairy that it makes me want to cut back some… This helps. Thanks!

  8. The most restrictive diet is the carnival diet where you basically only eat meat fish poultry eggs and certain Dairy some Carnival. You can even eat or drink coffee or tea which is more restrictive the new vegan keto however it is too restrictive

  9. Lol I love your honesty "it's not easy but doable, would I do it?….no" lol I loved this series thank you so much for taking the time to show us all of these amazing recipes. It's perfect timing bc i'm gonna try to meal prep tomorrow. And SEAWEED I was gonna ask if your spirulina smells like the ocean, now I know why. I bought it at grocery outlet for cheap and don't really know what it is or what it's for so THANKS you rock! Keep rockin'!

  10. Love all your videos, but feel bad for anyone that chooses this kinda painfully restrictive lifestyle (saying this as a keto fan). Seems like pure torture. Looks pricy, too, and a lot of visits to the store. First time I've seen a video tackle this though which is awesome.

  11. You could use coconut cream in the bulletproof coffee for added creaminess. Delicious! I actually prefer it over butter/heavy cream.

  12. I agree. Keto and vegan is too restrictive for me as well, but I would like to try vegetarian (possibly vegan in the future) with intermittent fasting! Another great video! I will be checking out that low carb Ebook! Thanks Alyssia!! 😁😘

  13. I've never liked a video so fast lol I've never seen any vegan keto recipes, thanks for the inspiration and for taking the time to come up with ideas that are inclusive for everyone 😊

  14. Healthy Recipe Channel January 31, 2019 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Straight #Facts and beautiful nutritious recipes. I am really liking Dr Joel Furhmans approach to diet through his Nutritarian Diet Principals.

  15. Hi, sweet adorable Alyssia. Your vegan keto meal prep is phenomenal. What's your best tip for making the best triple berry medley? Take care of yourself, cutie pie. <3

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