Trying the Green Chef Keto Meals | Black Friday Haul!

Get ready for vlogmas! 🙂 – – – – PRODUCTS IN TODAYS VIDEO – – – – 1- 50% off your first Green Chef: 2- My Pots and Pans: …

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39 thoughts on “Trying the Green Chef Keto Meals | Black Friday Haul!

  1. First, no wonder your hair is always looks great! You are so smart to limit heat exposure to your hair. That meal looked beautiful! Beaux is always a handsome pup. That picture of him at 13:00 is adorable. <3
    On another note, (I am catching up on videos!) you mentioned on a previous video that your skin is dry. My son Rowland has always fought bad acne and finally it was diagnosed as psoriasis … so it is dry at the same time. He uses organic coconut oil and it has been the only thing that has worked, along with staying on top of his gluten-free diet. It is moisturizing and a natural antiseptic at the same time. It is great for the skin.

  2. Be you. Be beautiful. December 7, 2018 at 9:44 am - Reply

    Ah, a girl after my own heart…. add a $5.00 purchase to get free shipping! Love those Tees too! Thanks for the review of Green Chef. I'm going to look into them. Beaux looks so handsome! Love his new haircut!

  3. Really like the baseball shirt's and price. Unboxing was fun. Beaux is looking great. Interesting meal box; don't think I would get that since I cook for five every day.

  4. I love B&BW and the warm vanilla sugar scent is my FAVORITE! It makes me giggles when you say flavor instead of scent. They do smell good enough to eat though! lol

  5. Apparently Hello fresh is working on making a keto box, that’s what I read anyway… also with any of these boxes make sure to look up a coupon code, cause you can save usually 50% on your first order… when I used to get them I’d only order the first box then switch to another company lol. It’s more work but worth it for the money you save.

  6. Just started Keto 8 days ago and you were the motivation for me to keep going in those hard (headache) days. Can’t wait for your December vlog! 💜 (Oh and I’m losing weight down 15 pound of water weight)

  7. I think to stop them asking again and again about the coffee… I suggest if you make a separate video only titled for keto morning coffee ☕️

  8. Been wanting to try green chef, but hesitant. Thanks for cooking and reviewing it. Not sure I would pay that much for smalls meals. I’ve tried several home meal delivery services and green chef is most expensive. BUT the meals were usually pretty good! Have a great weekend. P.S. Beau / Bo looks great!❤️

  9. You never fail to make amazing videos and your spirit is so incredibly uplifting. Love your style as well…those shirts were so cute.

  10. Beaux looks wonderful with his new haircut, Cocker Spaniels always seem to have that “aloof” look, he probably thinks that he is better than those other dogs at the groomers 😂😂

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