Thyroid | Pcos Meal Plan For Working People / Office Goers – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – 5 kgs

thyroid diet (hypothyroid diet) plan for working people, how to lose weight fast- 5 kgs, full day indian meal plan – pcos/pcod weight loss diet plan #skinnyrecipes …

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40 thoughts on “Thyroid | Pcos Meal Plan For Working People / Office Goers – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – 5 kgs

  1. Hey nisa thanks for the new diet,I have consumed moringa leaves for 2 months and my pcos is cured completely,u are doing a great job god bless you

  2. Renuka Selavarasa August 25, 2017 at 5:09 am - Reply

    Hi Nisha beautiful balance diat. We are living USA. This timing matching my work schedule and easy to follow. Keep posting like this type of diat.keep up the good work.???????

  3. Hi Nisa
    Thanks for another good video.
    Which bananas we hv to take for steaming? Raw or ripe or partially ripe? And how long generally it takes for bananas to steam?

  4. Hi mam….i am.also fighting with thyroid and i do take thyroid suplements(100mg) daily morning on an empty stomach….can u tell me if i could follow this and if yes…how should i???

  5. why u only share south indian type food receipe…
    i request u to make a diet chart for thyroid people for north indian taste.

  6. I am a breastfeeding mom and I need to lose weight can I do this diet and if not can you do a breastfeeding diet. Thank you

  7. I love your meals but most of the time I make my own version since I don't understand or know some of the ingredients is hard for me to follow the meal plan how it is. Thankyou I'll keep trying

  8. Mam ur meal plan diet looks good but we south Indians are used to eat rice daily twice..cannot skip it permanently.. So can we have rice with any vegitables once in two days with this diet??

  9. You are the best akka. Thank you so much and its easy to make too. My mum has thyroid and she is overweight. Will follow this plan for her…can she take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil early in the morning before ur turmeric tea to loose weight?

  10. Mam, your recipes are really nice. I feel your voice should have been a little soft and melodious. Little harsh to ears.

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