TESTING QUICK “MEAL IN A MUG” RECIPES! Does it work?! – #TastyTuesday

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21 thoughts on “TESTING QUICK “MEAL IN A MUG” RECIPES! Does it work?! – #TastyTuesday

  1. Try opening your microwave and looking on the bottom edge that's where it says the amounts of watts on my microwave

  2. This cookbook is probably geared more towards younger kids that do not have stoves and resources to full on cook, like college students. Ideas that they can microwave something quickly…Sounds like it may have even been written by a college student that creatively came up with ways to cook a meal so they weren't starving and just wanted to share their ideas to help others. I say Kudo's to them and Rock On kiddo's.. <3 Great video, Nikki , you crack me up.. <3

  3. YouTube recommended this video to me! I have never heard of Nikki, but I love you!! Subscribed after only one video!! Now it's binge watching time!!!!

  4. i kinda agree with nikki that meal in a mug does takes somewhat the same amount of time compared to doing it the regular way. i actually do make a lot of my lunches in a mug because my office pantry only has 1 microwave, no stove or ovens, so i am forced to only use the microwave. in such cases, i would say meal in a mug recipes will do the job.

  5. i do the brownie one often.. but i dont use brown sugar.. and ive ony seen brownies and cakes done in mugs never knew the other soup and oatmeal was a thing. seems easier to make it the real way instead of in a mug.. i like doing deserts in a mug for late night snack or just a quick sweet without making a whole batch..if i make 20 brownies then i will eat more than i need

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