Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (Healthy + Easy!)

Here are 3 easy, healthy, and vegan recipes that you can make for your friends and family this Thanksgiving or Holiday Season! All of the recipes will be linked …

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48 thoughts on “Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (Healthy + Easy!)

  1. Am I the only one who don't understand what corn bread is ? Is it a bread, is it a cake ? Is it a dessert or not ? I'm lost ^^

  2. Hi Caitlin! Would it be okay to request for Vegan Recipes prepped in a rice cooker? 🙂 Thanks in advance if you notice this!

  3. You are SO CUTE in the outro of this video! Also everything looks delicious. I'm swedish so I've never celebrated thanksgiving but with these good recipes I might start!

  4. I've been plant based for some time now and I LOVE it. Noticed how I said plant based and not fully vegan? The exceptions I make always revolve around family. I have a really hard time asserting myself and my needs around family members due to a mentally abusive upbringing BUT this year for christmas I've decided to bring some vegan dishes since I'm celebrating with my in-laws. They are much more open minded and aren't set on cutting me down like my own family seem to be. I'm going to try making the cornbread from this vid ☺️

  5. Yaaaasss!! Dance with that cornbread, girl! 😂 Your recipes look great, and your advice is spot on. I’m really good at stressing out over things like my first vegan Thanksgiving. It’ll be ok, it’s just new and I’m trying to make something others would want, and not some freaky food. Given your happy dance, I’d better bring the cornbread! 😂

  6. I love how effortlessly humorous you are Caitlin! I can't be bothered to watch recipe videos anymore if I don't enjoy the personality of the creator, and you're one of the few who fit the bill 🙂 Thank you for all of the hard work and precision you put into creating these recipes and the videos for your viewers, it really does show

  7. Yay! It all looks so delicious — I can almost smell those amazing stuffing spices! Also, it’s good to see you happy!💗😃

  8. Thanks for the little tidbit at the end about eating vegan around family on Thanksgiving. This is my first vegan Thanksgiving and I'm a bit nervous, but your positive comments helped. ☺️

  9. I scrolled through your recipes yesterday planning for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much! You were (and still are) a big help when I went vegan a year and a half ago.

  10. I made the cornbread recipe earlier this week to go along with some chilli I made, and it was so great. 🙂 You can't even tell that there are beans with it!! I think it tastes best warm, though, so I always heat it up before I eat it.

  11. Gotta say, I made your pumpkin pie recipe last year and it was amazing! And since I was the only vegan in the house, I got to have a slice of pie for breakfast for about a week and a half, haha.

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