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26 thoughts on “Simple & Delicious DAIRY FREE DINNERS! 3 Meal Recipes!

  1. Have you made a video of your typical diet over like, any span of time? Like what you typically eat in a day or in a week? I just discovered you and subscribed to both of your channels. I’m strongly considering going vegetarian or vegan or something of the sort. I have a 17 month old and I gained so much weight when I was pregnant. I never lost all the weight and now I’m gaining more weight on top of that. I just want to make a huge lifestyle change that I can stick with on a strict schedule and will help me keep myself and my family healthy. It just seems like you have a very healthy lifestyle and I find myself relating to you a lot so I was hoping you had some recommendations I could look into

  2. Victoria Velasquez October 15, 2018 at 3:48 am - Reply

    I let my raw cashews soak in water for 24 hours, and used the same ingredients and mine is nowhere near your consistency whyyyyyy ;( its like brown and chunky

  3. LOVE! Please make more food/meal video's! I found out I am pregnant with my 2nd a few weeks ago and am trying to find healthy and delicious but yet simple and easy to put togeather food idea's and you always have such amazing idea's! Also can I just say you are such an inspiration and such a great mother❤

  4. OH MAN! I loved this video! Please do more videos like this. I'm not dairy free but my boyfriend is so trying to figure out cooking in a way that suits him without losing out on the kinds of food that I love has been a real challenge. Anyways!!! Love your channels!

  5. Oh my goodness Sarah thank you so much for these recipes!!! I am currently trying to cut out dairy from my diet too but struggling because I am allergic to soy. I am so glad that none of these recipes used soy based products! Thank you again for sharing and I will definitely be trying these out!!

  6. You really are quite amazing, I have been admiring you and your videos for some time now and decided after this video that I needed to leave you a comment. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Love to watch you cook! All those recipes look delicious and Ivy is precious. Please do more cooking videos!

  7. My daughter is dairy free and can’t have tomatoes either, so that pasta recipe looks amazing, I’ll definitely be trying that!! I thought pasta was just out of the picture all together lol

  8. I feel like the bubble has been burst for me when watching other youtubers. They honestly spend thousands and thousands of dollars per week on new clothes, new shoes, new makeup, cafe lunches and take away dinners every single day. All I think now is how wasteful and greed induced it all is. Imagine how much plastic they put into the environment! I can’t watch it anymore when you realize how many other people are suffering and in poverty.

    You made me think Sarah, thanks girl ❤️

  9. Ivy is SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL i cant 😍😍😍😍just like her mama!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️but besides being beautiful Sarah i love your personality!!😭😍

  10. I imagine you arent a big taco bell person haha… but the last “taco thing” you made is called a crunch wrap 😂

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