Salmon Sheet Pan Dinners, 5 Easy Healthy Recipes!

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45 thoughts on “Salmon Sheet Pan Dinners, 5 Easy Healthy Recipes!

  1. Thank you Alyssia!
    Dinner is always tough for me when I come home late and hungry. Last night, I literally ate 2 packs of vegan chao slices (“cheese”) for dinner last night because I was too tired to care. Lol. Wrote all these down and currently debating whether or not I should stick a note on my front door that reads “Sheet Pan Dinner”. I keep forgetting this awesome idea.

  2. These are fabulous ! I just love salmon and eat it every day I love these 2 sheet pan dinners hun and thank you so much for these recipes I really appreciate it ❤️❤️❤️

  3. You are BY FAR my favourite food channel on youtube!!! Everything you make is delicious and easy enough to keep up with regularly. Please never stop making videos!

  4. Thank you for working so hard with so much creativity. I stay home to assist my disabled husband with daily household task. My husband has a large cardiac health history. These will be fantastic with just a little adaptation to the sodium for our preparations with each recipe. Herbs are wonderful and can use in so many ways. I love this pansheet tehnique less work but great nutritional outcome and have the whole meal of nutrients. Fantastic job!!!!hugs, Tamson from Kentucky.

  5. Just curious, where do you get salmon? And how much does it cost you? I checked my local grocery store and they sell fresh wild Alaska sockeye salmon fillets for $16.99 lb. Would trout be a better option?

  6. How does your house smell now? Lol These look delicious and I really want to try the dijon one! The sriracha one looks good too.

  7. I love salmon, but I don't eat it very often because I'm a hardcore meal prepper, and it doesn't tend to last very long. But these are fantastic ideas, and maybe I could just make a couple of portions, one for Sunday dinner and one for Monday lunch. Hmmm…

  8. I just made a salmon sheet pan dinner last night that was a bit different from my usual salmon dinner. Now I'm inspired to try even more variations. Thanks for this!

  9. i simply love your recipes as usual! Better mint for me instead of sage, just personal taste! What to say about the others? I simply want them all!!!!!!

  10. Hi, sweet adorable Alyssia. Your salmon recipes look so beautiful, just like you. You are simply the best at anything you make. What's your honest opinion on tilapia? Have a good day, sweet adorable Alyssia. Take care of yourself, sweetie. <3

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