QUICK HEALTHY CHOCOLATE RECIPES | easy breakfast, snack + treat ideas

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy these quick easy healthy chocolate recipes THAT I LOVE SO MUCH 🙂 Some breakfast, treat and snack ideas for you! just in time for …

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48 thoughts on “QUICK HEALTHY CHOCOLATE RECIPES | easy breakfast, snack + treat ideas

  1. I always love your videos, you motivate me to start cooking 💜❤️ you’re definitely my favorite recipe YouTuber

  2. i was about to go to bed but i am getting up RIGHT NOW to prepare some chia pudding to make the first receipe for my breakfast tomorrow!!

  3. Christie Cerquitella February 3, 2019 at 2:53 am - Reply

    Hey Liezl! How sweet would you say the chocolate bars are? More like dark chocolate instead of milky sweet?

  4. These look great! I have made up a sort of chocolate recipe for myself lately. I try to eat healthy but the one thing I can't give up is my morning cappuccino. I used to use lots of store-bought syrups but now I put in two teaspoons of cacao powder, two teaspoons of maple syrup, a tiny bit of vanilla and then I steam my milk and put in my espresso. Honestly this cleaner version of a mocha tastes so much better and it's less sugar and calories! I really appreciate the recipes you share and do try many of them!

  5. Hi I absolutely love your videos I look forward to each one. One question is there a good substitute for coconut oil as I find the taste to over powering

  6. Great chocolate recipes! It looks like your old videos, which are the ones I prefer on your channel (I'm not a big vlog fan). My favourite is one of your recipes actually: healthy chocolate oatmeal! I make it at least twice a week (I have oatmeal almost every day at the moment, it's so warm and comforting and good for you!!)

  7. The first recipe looks amazing! What's the difference between adding chia seeds into a smoothie as they are compared to soaking the chia seeds in water first? x

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