#Plantbased Lunches, Dinner, Menus, Dining Out, Recipes, Reading Labels and Myriad Fascinating Stuff

Thinking ahead, reading labels and using your magnificent minds. These are the best sources I have found to research questions as to plantbased diets.

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27 thoughts on “#Plantbased Lunches, Dinner, Menus, Dining Out, Recipes, Reading Labels and Myriad Fascinating Stuff

  1. Lionel. I would rather convert to Islam than go plant based diet! Hello Qtards all around the world.

  2. Horns off, bum wiped…..let's eat. Properly raised, ranch slaughtered ( kindly in isolation) ONLY goes without saying. Apologies, I'm type O. Same weight I was at age 20. Eat to live, in other words.
    Vegans tell me tomato plants scream when plucked. Rhymes with what I think of them.

  3. Please quit talking about this vegan junk!! It is like religion to me, I don't care about having lectures about either one, because I don't believe in either one!!

  4. Chromatic Woman May 19, 2018 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    I noticed you did not mention giving up table salt. Giving up garlic will be difficult, but my husband will be happy with that! 😀 BTW, watch out for "crispy cherry tomatoes" because they are starting to use some sort of coating on the skin that makes them last over a year without decaying. Big red flag!! The little round one's seem normal.

  5. Nina Sutherland May 19, 2018 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    Started well. Dd not realise coconut oil was a prob. I now travel up the swimming pool bubble powered. Working my way through the recommended talks list. Keep going. I love it

  6. I can't believe how angry people are! Why do they bother with these specific videos? Just to let off some steam? If you don't like the message, move on. Nobody is forcing you to listen and you make it exceedingly unpleasant for those of us who want to learn and embrace this life choice.

  7. Evil mobsters robbed the gold and silver from everyone else.,Around the World! Evil with a printing press, all they have, came from countering money with a the printing press, they are stealing using a printing press to make fake play money, unlimited corruption! now they want to do it with a block chain.

    This is the Year of Jubilee 2018 Everyone around the world getting their great, great grandfathers land and gold back, the few who own everything lose everything! Cancellation of all fake money debt

    Everyone needs to learn to farm and do everything for themselves. No more grocery store, no more department stores, and learn to ride a horse, no more car industry. All stolen. Gold and silver limits. everything. Gold and silver limits corruption and sickness, diseases, unhappiness, depression, poverty, hunger, obesity. Gold and silver limits government corruption. Gold and silver limits crime people are too busy growing their food and making clothes, shoes, furniture, cutting firewood, getting water, etc. .
    God's plan for everyone! God loves Us! The conspiratorium, the clerisy, the body of Christ!

  8. Change InTheAir May 19, 2018 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    Lionel: Can you keep teaching us? You may have to repeat things several times (as a teacher I know it usually takes several repetitions for students to "get it.") Also many of us live in non-urban areas so it is harder to find sources available to others. Can you give us alternatives? Sugar sources like you mentioned smoothies, juices etc also extremely stronger on our brains then cocaine. It's very addictive, serotonin uptake issues. It's tough to get off of.

  9. Look kinda thin L. I'm 6.2 148.Lbs I'm skinny but I eat meet, not much of a food Gye, but if I tried to be plant based I would drop more wate and get sick no doubt, so moderate meat, too much anything is toxic.

  10. Change InTheAir May 19, 2018 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    I hate frozen store bought veggies. These always have a weird taste- is it sodium? I've frozen from my gardens and never had that weird taste that grosses me out. Now renting and cannot garden. Any advise or wisdom?

  11. Change InTheAir May 19, 2018 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    Pizza with no cheese? Wow! I've tried cheese replacements but they are tasteless and like rubber. 🙁 I don't know if I could go whole vegan but I'm starting towards vegetarianism. Although I've come to dislike many meats, I still like steak and fish. Not sure if I could eliminate eggs or cheese so not willing to go vegan. Taking it one step at a time

  12. Lionel, want to really go down the rabbit hole? because down there ull find carrots.. do a fast onwatermelon for 5 days. I dare you.. you'll be like what the hell is happenign to me oh my god wow why did I do this. And lov eit

  13. Took the plunge 9 months ago. After I watched Forks Over Knives and read Dr. T. Colin Campbell's "Whole" and then "The China Study". Been loving it ever since!
    My only issue is maintaining muscle mass and strength. Trying to keep adequate protien intake while avoiding soy has been challenging.

  14. Lionel, this idea that you can't eat juice and smoothies is so wrong its unbelievable. but I still love you so much. Smoothies and juices are incredible for the body. It gives you access to nutrients you would never get because most people would NEVER eat the plants they juice. Also it keeps you from cooking the food. Cooking the food destroys precious nutrition. When you juice fruit yes you get a wave of fructos but its just like eating the fruit anyway. My research show sme its the soluble fiber not the insoluble fiber that regulates sugar absorption at the intestinal wall. Shame on you for ATTACKING THE JUICING COMMUNITY!! THIS IW WAR!!! I love you.

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