Outdoor Picnic Recipes – Family Picnic Food Ideas

http://bit.ly/kraftfoods Outdoor Picnic Food Recipes – Family Picnic Food Ideas It’s gorgeous outside. Time to plan a picnic! Adrien Sharp for the Kraft Kitchens …

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42 thoughts on “Outdoor Picnic Recipes – Family Picnic Food Ideas


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  2. OH, what a great idea…hmmm, maybe some fresh baked bread and a carafe of Soup. If it is early enough in the day maybe oatmeal w/ fresh berries. Maybe chili…w/ all the fixings in separate containers. Maybe a hot casserole. Chicken pot pies. OH MY WORD, I'm getting hungry! 🙂 HTH

  3. this is how we do ti- a huge back pack, 2 huge frozen plastic soda bottles full with frozen water,,, an the food on top,, works great… but then of course hunny carries it,, ill carry the blanket~ lol…

  4. @TheJudgetv those weren't the ice packs he was talking about…those are ice blankets (i'm not sure exactly what they are called but thats what i call them)…the ice packs he is talking about is actual ice from the freezer in a bag

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