Our BRIGHT LINE EATING Meal Prep! | Crazy Weight Loss (w/Recipes!)

Hey Guys! Here’s a video explaining step by step what we’ve done to lose a large amount of weight (John’s lost 60lbs, Shannon’s currently at 70lbs down).

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30 thoughts on “Our BRIGHT LINE EATING Meal Prep! | Crazy Weight Loss (w/Recipes!)

  1. Thank you SO much for this. I've watched this about four times now as you provide the best practical visual window for plant based Bright Line eating. Please please continue to provide this content as it's immensely helpful for us new BL'ers!!

  2. I wondered about adding all the coconut oil to the beans, so do you weigh and measure your fat? How do you count the beans?

  3. Carla Portocarrero August 13, 2018 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    Nice! Yes I apply a lot of the things you do but with a little more spices. I'm Mexican and as you know we love chili, hot food, etc. So it's just a little more Mexican but that's it. Thanks for sharing. Love, hugs & kisses. 😊

  4. Do u ever eat oatmeal? And do you have a hot meal recipe for lunch /meal prep. I work in an office and it's very cold and it's hard to eat a salad when im freezing. Just wondering?

  5. Thank you for the video great job. I would like to add though that nobody really should eat mushrooms raw, especially the common store species (agaricus) as they have toxins in them in the raw state that are not good for you and on top of that do not digest well in the raw state. I and other mushroom growers NEVER eat raw mushrooms. You should keep them cooked in the fridge and add them to your salads as you eat them. Mushrooms are a wonderful food that gives a lot of minerals and other needed compounds. This info is according to Paul Stamets, recognized as the world's most knowledgeable mycologist. He only said it a couple of times though for fear of the industry stopping his very important research on the medical uses of mushrooms so please investigate if you are skeptical of this information. Thanks again and great job on your achievements!

  6. I think this video s incredible! Between your audio description, video and detailed recipes, you have made this completely doable for me. I am going to try this on the weekend. How long do these stay fresh ? One question…do you ever get so hungry between meals that you snack? If yes, how do you handle it? Ps, love your sweet, low key narrative style. Thanks for taking the time to help us out. 😊

  7. Hey all the way from New Zealand! So glad I stumbled across this video while searching BLE on YouTube at midnight.

    Just finished reading the BLE book, and after a decade of battling overeating really feel like Susan has presented a fantastic opportunity. This video has given me great inspiration to start my journey!

    Currently over 400lbs, with a huge journey ahead of me I look forward to watching some more of your videos 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this! I just started a channel and Im documenting my Bright Line weight loss (down 44 lbs in 74 days). Its such an amazing plan. I wish more people knew about it!

  9. This was helpful. There aren't many Bright Line eating videos like this and I enjoyed seeing your process. I just started a couple of weeks ago and I need to do more prep, mostly because it will help with my planning . I'm home all day but it's nice to not have to stop an hour before each meal to chop salad and vegetables. Thanks for putting this together.

  10. Prepped the salads for this week, eating my first one today and DAAAAMN thats actually really good haha. Never had fruits in a salad before!

  11. First of those are not beans they are lentils. And why would you feed your dog vegan food or why would you want to? I wanted to subscribe but this is too militant vegan for me, sorry!

  12. Ever think of using an Instant Pot instead of cooking the beans on the stove? Only the second video I have watched, so you may have gotten one and you may have a whole video on it. Just wondering.

  13. Hey just a question, do you eat this every single week? or is this just like, a sample of what a weeks food looks like?

  14. Im about to try switching to a plant based diet once I am done with my current batch of food and this video will be so helpful!!! Thanks so much

  15. You two have a lot of character. I hope John's taste buds have healed from the war with the hot potatoes. Very informative vid showing detail of preparation. I dig it. And thanks for putting recipes and ingredients in the description. Good stuff

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