One Pot & One Pan Dinner Ideas – 3 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes!

Check out S. Pellegrino Essenza at Walmart! Learn how to whip up an easy healthy dinner in just ONE pot, on ONE skillet, or on ONE sheet …

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17 thoughts on “One Pot & One Pan Dinner Ideas – 3 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes!

  1. Mind Over Munch May 2, 2019 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Which S. Pellegrino Essenza flavor do you want to try most? Are you more of a sheet pan, skillet, or dutch oven fan!?

  2. S. Pellegrino is a part of Nestlé which exploits people and our environment. Besides the material of the cans is literally the worst for our planet… It's a pity that you collab with them..

  3. I just made my first pot roast maybe a month ago since I had it in my childhood and it turned out SO good. Slow cooked it on low for about 7 hours with carrots and potatoes which were super tender!

  4. Pot roast was my favorite dinner too when I was a kid Alyssia:)) Breakfast for dinner was a close second…lol. They all look delicious!

  5. How do we get Alyssia more subs and views? Her videos are so professional and informative. She deserves to be in the millions.

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  7. So creative love these!! I’m all about the one pot Dutch Oven Recipes! I seriously couldn’t live without my Dutch Oven!

  8. I don’t think you can make a bad video, Alyssia! Look at you with all these sponsorships!! You earned it! Keep rocking! 😎💗🍻

  9. Byron Chandler May 2, 2019 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Hi, sweet adorable Alyssia. You are on a roll with healthy recipes. You are just so cute and adorable, my dear friend. What's your best tip for cooking cabbage the clean way? Take care of yourself, sweetie. <3

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