One Pan Mexican Skillet | Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipe

This One-Pan Mexican Skillet is a low carb recipe that is Paleo, Keto + Whole30 friendly, family meal that is perfect for busy weeknight or for weekend meal prep.

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38 thoughts on “One Pan Mexican Skillet | Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipe

  1. Looks yummy! Vegans can also use crumbled tofu or finely diced mushrooms in place of the meat. Those are my favorite vegan swaps for ground meat since the meat replacements can be hard on your stomach and don't always have great macros.

  2. Hi Dani – thank you for your clean and educational videos -Love them! I am unfamiliar with riced cauliflower. Can you elaborate on the best place to purchase it ( or make it, though that seems more tedious)

  3. Hey Dani, you’ve probably answered this question already, but what is your take on using non stick pans? Do you think they are safe? I’ve heard otherwise but like the convenience

  4. I love the fact that you gave options for vegans. Me and my partner are both doing Keto, but he eats meat and i don't. This is great! Thank you so much!

  5. This meal looks awesome, what will be good in replacement for the corn? Can you do a video on things you can eat after coming off of an 30 day fast, to introduce the body back to the right food?

  6. You rock, Dani! This looks so delicious and there are so many options with this dish. I don’t eat corn because it’s a high glycemic index food. I like beans, plus I like cauliflower because it pretty much takes on any flavors you add to it. I love it that you give us so many options – even for kids!

  7. Love all your clean recipes😋 I was wondering and I probably could, but can I substitute the fresh garlic with minced jar garlic? I have all the other ingredients on hand at this very moment except fresh garlic. Would love to make this for my lazy Saturday quick meal. 🥘👍🏾💕🎥

  8. Thank you Dani for your interesting videos! I just bought my first box from Butcher Box meats! Thanks for the offer! I’m excited to try your recipe with those quality meats, too!

  9. onions, corn, cauliflower and such a huge piece of meat. This is high carb, high protein meal, unless you eat one tablespoon.

  10. Thanks for these low carb recipes! I’m going to try this and the chicken salad recipes you posted as well! It would be awesome to see more videos like this!

  11. I love your recipe! When make taco meat I sometimes cut back on the ground beef a bit and add diced baby bella mushrooms. A 1/3 mushroom, 2/3 ground beef ratio when I do it. The texture and flavor are great, you don't miss that 1/3 meat.😀

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