NEW Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Under $2! Easy Vegan Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

Easy vegan budget meals! Healthy homemade wheat bread, potato soup, DIY peanut butter, roasted veggies, lentil patties and more! Ideas inspired by an …

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38 thoughts on “NEW Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Under $2! Easy Vegan Recipes! – Mind Over Munch

  1. Janiyah Young - Centennial Sr PS (1506) August 2, 2017 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    My favorite has to be the zucchini soup it looks so good.But I also like the bread?

  2. Love your videos but your backing music is so distracting and sounds like you have two tracks playing at once. Gah! ?

  3. I have a problem about overeating. Since I eat to enjoy the taste of food, people always tell me to eat healthy foods, but I love healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Does anyone know any really disgusting, yet healthy foods so I can stop overeating?

  4. It is always neat to see how much you can stretch money, but it still doesn't account for all the tools and technology that we have access to. Many people who are living on this amount of money don't have access to stoves, ovens, and food processors. we are still super spoiled even with the limited budget.

  5. love this video (as usual…love these creative vids) but the hunger epidemic in Africa? which countries in Africa though? just makes it sound like the entire continent is starving

  6. Not only is there no cruelty involved, but non vegans can't even say it's cheaper to eat meat! 2 dollars a day? NO EXCUSES!

  7. Mind over Munch, Can you answer a question for me? Anyway, here it is. For a protein bar do you subtract the grams of protein and fiber from the total carbohydrates?

  8. nice try but "works out to be almost nothing" spices, olive oil, and extras works out to being another month's cost, at least. It is easy to buy in bulk and does make it cheaper but if you just have the $2.00 a day and get paid daily, none of these would work 🙁

  9. Shades of Ricoeur August 2, 2017 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! This is super helpful. It gets so exhausting to try to diversify and increase the nutrition of what one eats when so much of youtube's video selection isn't cost conscious. I also appreciate that the spices that weren't included in the cost calculation are also affordable ones.

  10. Great recipes! I don't think that anyone living on a budget of less than two dollars a day has all your gadgets and appliances. I'm not convinced you live truthfully?

  11. Creative ideas! Gonna try the soup for sure.

    Although not sure how my hubby would survive on one slice of bread and soup for lunch

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