Montel Williams Shares His Thoughts on The Keto Diet

TV personality and radio host Montel Williams shares why he believes the keto diet is so popular, his favorite keto recipes, and more! Watch Montel Williams on …

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22 thoughts on “Montel Williams Shares His Thoughts on The Keto Diet

  1. Right on, Montel!!! Yay!
    HEY — I was CURED of CANCER in 3 MONTHS FROM KETO with intermittant fasting and have no allergies to anything. I had 5 different CHEMOs that didn't cure stage 4 hod. lymphoma. Let's just cut to the chase and get to brass tacks: that Jillian "chick" is a shill to keep people ignorant and sickly, because those controllers invested/owning Kellogs, etc, sugar industries,. grain, etc etc carb–crap – food industries are pissed off and stand to loose MILLIONS if people grab hold of the TRUTH and turn their back on this garbage (carbs) that they've lied to us about for over 40 years. I have had my "port" taken out yesterday, and take NO PHARMAKIA – no drugs whatsoever. Just sayin' be smart about this full of crap mainstream world. Just RESEARCH the TONS of doctors on you tube with incredible credentials/lectures to watch THE REAL SCIENCE behind Keto…the reality. BRING ON CHEESE, NUTS, heavy CREAM, MEAT AND ALL OF IT!!! Yum! Too many KETO shills/anti-Keto clowns surfacing. Keto is the WAY we were ALL designed to eat! Do a true study and invest the time in real research. Too many people get robbed and duped because of willing ignorance. They don't want to be bothered to do their own research and want others to think for them with fast, unfounded answers. She speaks soo many untruths in this video, its not funny. Dr. Eric Berg counters her false claim of "simple science". People believe everything they see and hear on TV. Such is mainstream media. Media's lies and propaganda should be a punishable crime….especially when it is harmful to people.

  2. If I can tell Montel Williams that I appreciate this video I would. I've been doing keto now for over a month and I've never felt better. People have no idea what they're talking about when they say that is going to cause you to die of a heart attack or fat is going to clog your arteries. Thank you Montel, I appreciate this.

    Unfortunately most people are just dodos and don't seem to care about what the science actually says about keto which is that it is actually extremely beneficial

  3. Montel you are a definite link to crossover Keto Diet to the Mainstream. What an honest and stressless Keto pattern.

  4. Love you, Montel! Thank you for helping people have knowledge that will reverse their hyperinsulinemia (aka diabetic type 2).

  5. Jillian Michaels criticizes keto, 8000 thumbs down in a week. Montel Williams drops considerably less informed clip supporting keto, 6 thumbs down. Next

  6. Bro calm down you will have a heart attack with the keto diet. You body loves glucose you ever wonder why we crave it so much even after you ate 200 carbs in a large shake you still crave more shortly after. There us a reason are ancestors lived of 70 percent fruit and spiked are insulin 20 times a day Don't you want to feel you're best and have the craving for what you need ever 3 hpurs. Fat is the devil and carbs are the answer you can clearly see it has been boasting are healthy in America for the past 70 years. Why do you think we need soda in between meals it's a healthy energy boast and very clean. Just like how fries with every meal help you get in you're full calorie intake and makes you feel full.

  7. Keep on keepin on! I love Keto! I am starting to refine it down, new to this, but it is the one lifestyle food my body loves. I gotta figure the macro thing out, but I'm working on it every day. Want my abs by summer…booyaaahhh! Thank you & God bless! Muah! LA

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