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23 thoughts on “MEAL PREP FOR THE WEEK FOR $20 (VEGAN + EASY)

  1. This is impossible in Spain, at least where I live… Not only the price but for example bye bye tofu, quinoa is quite difficult, people say they have seen it but every time I go i cant find any, and that is just the beggining

  2. Maybe its only me but I LOVE oat meal with coconut milk. It makes it creamy and gives it a whole new twist! Idk WHY but one day I was making chia pudding and thought to myself "wonder what this will taste like" and it actually was really good

  3. Thank u for confirming the way I cook…. lol. i loved ur video… u have an awesome way of speaking plainly and ur cute. I will look out for more from u….. great job!

  4. I DEFINITELY think smoked tofu tastes like ham. I actually bought some cause you love it, but I think it reminded me TOO much like ham and I can't get on board. xD

  5. Why would you get all the canned stuff…it makes no sense..get a bag of dried beans for a dollar…it will last you three days at least. Nothing to recycle and you can also get it in bulk. Tomatoes in a can is crazy. Tomatoes leech the aluminum out of the can….good chance of getting alzheimers.

  6. Hey Thank you so so much! This is my first time coming to study to the United States and being Indian, I was definitely worried about not getting enough vegan stuff there but your video was so helpful! They helped me boost my confidence and they are also so cheap! Hope all your wishes come true! Have a nice day!

  7. OK – so I've taken the plunge and bought these ingredients etc, my only question is how do you keep this fresh all week if I am prepping all in one go? Your advice is greatly appreciated, I love your channel, it's awesome, thank you – much love from South Africa!

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