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46 thoughts on “MEAL PREP FOR FITNESS // High Protein EASY Meals

  1. I love how you use frozen veggies too. I can’t get fresh 100% of the time so it’s nice to see someone doing healthy food using this.

  2. In Liebe, Anneliese January 13, 2019 at 4:19 am - Reply

    I don't understand the importance of the specific cinnamon. Why exactly would I need that one you used? What's the difference? (Yes I am going to Google, just thought maybe someone has some words or advice)

  3. These videos are good to watch if you want to set yourself up to sleep. Love the recipes & your hyper voice over tho! 😊💗

  4. I am a personal trainer and health teacher, however I often run out of ideas of healthy, tasty meals. These are great, can’t wait to try! Also, thank you so much for the recipe cards at the end. I was able to screenshot them making it so easy. Your videos are so valuable and well done! Thank you!

  5. I wish I liked tuna like warmed up? I hate warm tuna so the idea of the patties grosses me out for some reason 🙁 but I need to eat more fish 😖

  6. SOOOO grateful you shared a recipe for protein balls that didn’t require a food processor! I really want to make more of these balls but it’s hard to find recipes that can be accurately recreated without one! Thank you!!

  7. Love the recipes in this video thank you!!! I got obsessed with a sardine recipe a while back and now I can't stand them looool

  8. The patties are amazing with salmon. I’ve been eating for years. My mom taught me and my hubby and I love it over sautéed spinach. Great video!

  9. Çekirdek Ailenin Maceraları January 13, 2019 at 4:19 am - Reply

    Can you please speek a little bit slowly? I dont know very well En, it has subtitle but I can not follow 🙂 love from İstanbul ❤️

  10. sorry but the overnight oats are the biggest bs… who has time for that …and why would anyone wanna eat cold oats…just buy organic quick oats that boil in 1 minute and throw in some frozen berries..they will thaw in the hot oats and taste yummy! you are welcome lol

  11. I meal prepped for the first time last week but i don't think i was very successful bc i hav noooo idea how to calculate portions and figure out the nutritional value of each ingredient. any tips?

  12. I’m sorry but your supposed to know so much about “health” but your still using dairy aka whey protein!? That’s just so bad for overall heath, hormones and thyroid!

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