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44 thoughts on “Meal Prep – 5 Recipes And 10 Best Meals For Variety

  1. Yummmm! 👍🏼 looks soo good 💁🏻 soo many options 💖 it! I 💭 your ready for food network! For sure 😉

  2. Woow justo necesitaba un vídeo como este, estoy estudiando medicina y las clases no me dan tiempo de nada.

  3. Luke G's Field Review February 5, 2019 at 3:06 am - Reply

    @Fit Men Cook I just want to say thank you sir. You truly have help change my life I use your recipe to lose weight and eat healthy they easy and simple so thank you

  4. These videos are so awesome but part of me watch for Kevin (such a great name, that’s mine too! Lol) and his Jokes lol

  5. Hola…thanks for the video, I will give these recipes a try but I have a question, I am not a fan of kale, what can I use to substitute? Gracias 😊

  6. I can’t wait to try the lemon on the kale I’ve never cooked it like that before. Thanks Kev. The video quality was disrespectful it was so good I like the set up 🤗

  7. 01100010 01100101 01100001 01110010 February 5, 2019 at 3:06 am - Reply

    Great content mate! Also do you know why did the butcher work extra hours at the shop? – to make ends meat. :)))

  8. Wow! It looks like a really quick and easy meal prep. I love these different combinations you came up with using just a few ingredients. I have to try this out but will swap quinoa to millet. Thank you loads💓

  9. I wonder how long do the food last I won't to be able to cook once a week. breakfast is easier oatmeal. I'm working with limited space an time. I got a college size frige with freezer. I'm a truck driver driver if I could cook once a week give me time to work out an bike ride when I can. Not a picky eater do like veggies time is not on my side. I could work as little as 2 hours in a day up to 14+. 9 1/2 on average but only have 10 hours brake time an all this is based on if I get lucky and stop in a town we're I can catch a cab, Uber etc. Have to run in get food and get out looking at 30 min time to get groceries on average. Then hit the road. I'm an over the road truck driver go all over the US. I'm cooking with microwave, Gorge Foremen, stand up blinder an hand held. I'm also asking cuz there other drivers out there. I can get small slow/cooker and rice cooker. Truck stop are trying to get healthy food but half the time it is going bad. An getting healthy food at truck stops cost. Thanks again love your show

  10. I have to give some constructive criticism here. I had to stop at 2:10 simply because all the camera angle changes made me feel sea sick, top bowl, side bowl it was ever changing. It was just far too much.

  11. Thank you! Keep up the great work! You posted this just when I needed it the most!
    Joke- Why did the cookie go to the doctor? He felt crummy 😀

  12. Discovered you from watching your podcast with Matt on the ground up and found your website and love your videos .Thank you for deciding to go into this field. Keep it up cuz making the change to healthier eating is so overwhelming and you make it so I believe I can do it. I even enjoy the joke in the beginning of your video. 🙂

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