Meal 05 – Dinner | CHOLESTEROL DIET | Designed & Created by Guru Mann

Nutrition PDF: Program Overview: Meal 05 – Dinner – Meal 04 – Evening Snack- …

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37 thoughts on “Meal 05 – Dinner | CHOLESTEROL DIET | Designed & Created by Guru Mann

  1. sir, u hve become part of our lifestyles now . we r proud of u . we learn from ur interesting videos n educate ppl here in our surroundings . Thnk u from India !

  2. Love you Sir. I follow your programs, these are very informative which may be I couldn't have learnt in my life if I hadn't come to your channel. You speak every word in a very easy way that is brilliant. Thanks for your wonderful efforts and keep up good work.

  3. Nandan Pavithran July 28, 2017 at 12:08 am - Reply

    what you r doing is something really really great!!!!.. really thankful to have got all the information at once place..!!I take notes from your videos..they r really informative..and helpful to a lot of ppl..thanks a lot..

  4. very nice program me . First time I have seen your programme. So many things I get. English is very week. If wrong, sorry

  5. guru bro i found one unique thing in you, aap bodybuilding k saat saat healthy life style bhi sikh rahe ho hume that other pepoles dont do.. iam really appreciating your work thanks is a small word , god bless you sir.

  6. how to convince our parents for healthy eating plz make a video on it so I can show that to my family and thy understand how important this is for us

  7. sir can you make a video on vericose subject..
    i am not able to find much info. on this subject , in which relation between vericose and exercise is considered. i have the vericose thing and i am confused.
    thank you for your good work.

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