Keto Recipe – Nacho Chicken Casserole

Keto and casseroles seem to go hand in hand when you think about the type of high-fat foods that are being included. All of the cheeses you’re able to use …

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32 thoughts on “Keto Recipe – Nacho Chicken Casserole

  1. Just made this tonight as per the recipe. Fantastic! Was a total winner here. Thanks and can't wait to try your next recipe.

  2. I'm still having an issue with wrapping my head around mashed cauliflower not tasting like cauliflower…can someone assure me this is true? Would like to try this and I'm game but my husband (non-keto) may be harder to convince.

  3. Please please make more keto videos like this! I'm starting keto and need new recipes. I don't like watching people trying to please the camera. It's all about the food… Love this vid!

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