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22 thoughts on “KETO Meal Recipes | EASY & GOOD | Antonnette

  1. I loved this! I say, Yes, do more of these! What I loved is that this video didn't feel pretentious. Many food videos feel too unrealistic for the everyday person and focus more on being an over-the-top Instagram worthy picture. lol Personally, I'm not on Keta but these are still great as low carb options.

  2. Fun with the Finkey’s September 21, 2018 at 1:09 am - Reply

    I’ve been wanting to start this Keto diet forever now! I’ve been doing my research and heard that the blog I breathe I’m hungry is a really good source for recipes and info! I’m glad I found a YouTuber who does keto!

  3. Would love more videos like this!! Have always been interested in keto bc it's the least harmful diet I've ever heard of!! This was a great video to ofc

  4. Loved this video! I’m definitely going to try that taco pepper and those cookies! 😍 I’d love to see mor of your keto recipes 😘

  5. I’m not on the Keto diet because I love carbs, but I would definitely make these meals! Yes to more cooking videos! 👌🏾

  6. Hey, how much weight have you lost?all the recipes look delicious. Pls do a video on things to know before starting keto.

  7. I'd love to see more Keto Diet videos! I've read a little bit about the Keto Diet and even wanted to try it but I wasn't so sure at first. But your recipes look pretty tasty so I may try them out soon.

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