Keto Cut Day 2 | Full Day of Keto Eating | Easy and Delicious Burger Wraps!

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44 thoughts on “Keto Cut Day 2 | Full Day of Keto Eating | Easy and Delicious Burger Wraps!

  1. Consuelo Silbernagel December 25, 2018 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    I love the isagenix bars, so many flavors. But if you don't have those I also like: "One" protien bars, the think thin protein bars and Robert Irvine's protien bars. They're soft and have 20 grams of protein in one bar. They are tasty when you need quick protein not cement!

  2. Spinach, mushrooms, spring onions. Fry the mushrooms with the spring onions in olive oil and butter then add a dash of soy sauce and throw a bucket of spinach in and wilt it down. Use it as a base to go with your burger or whatever. You have to get the greens in, potassium is key.

  3. I'm a vegetarian of 8yrs but looking into implementing some sort of keto into my diet. Having a quick a quick look over your channel… where are all the greens? Where's the fruits and veges are they a no-go area?

  4. I put my cheeseburgers on lettuce. LOTS of lettuce. I don't know what it is, I just love cheeseburgers with lots of lettuce, no bun.

  5. For the people saying stupid stuff like oh to much protien etc and or saying to much process food etc. She is still doing keto and doing what she can it is sure of a hell better then the standard american diet People need to stop being the know it alls or keto police.

  6. I just luv your videos. You are hilarious girl.. I am just a few days in and i am not sure what i am doing. But watching you makes me laugh and thatsmthe main thing when ya feel like crap. Than k funny girl. ❤️❤️

  7. I don’t have a scale ;( Or that L Caritine or however u spell it, do you have to have it??? Also do u put the butter in your coffee??

  8. Also there are a number of studies that show that substituting the same number of calories from fat in the American diet with equivalent calories from nuts will result in weight loss in the nut eating group. This can be explained by the increased fibre in nuts reducing the glycemic load of other foods they eat. This is a good example of why calories in and calories out model is too simplistic a model to explain wha tis really happening in relation to nutrition and diet

  9. Mouth ulcers and brain fog can also be due to mineral deficiencies like iron, selenium, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium or iodine. Green leafy veggies, nuts and shellfish like mussels and oysters or kelp should cover off most of these deficiencies but there are of course many other whole foods that can help here.

  10. Kendra Weidenfeller December 25, 2018 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    My goodness, you're hilarious! xD Between "dog crap" and your ski suit bahahaha! I also have that scale, I LOVE IT!

  11. You are soooo cute! Before you ate the bar I thought it would be bad. lol. I eat the burgers with cheese and bacon all the time. My fitness Pal is great. Not sure if I would do the green beans or the wrap though. I try to keep my carbs under 50g a day but now for the cut I'm doing its only 25g. Ski suit is great.

  12. You're killing me lol I am really debating coming back to Keto. I am on weight watchers now (I'm fattymcwontfail on instagram) and am not feeling it. I have pcos and did well on lazy keto before. I just cant afford all the supplements. I need to figure my crap out.

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