Keto All-In-One Video| Weekly Meal Plan, Walmart & Sam’s Haul | Meals & Recipes

Welcome to my Keto All-In-One Video where I will share with you my Keto friendly meal plan, grocery haul, and the Keto meals and recipes.The keto friendly …

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27 thoughts on “Keto All-In-One Video| Weekly Meal Plan, Walmart & Sam’s Haul | Meals & Recipes

  1. Elizabeth Mattinson February 14, 2019 at 12:55 am - Reply

    Shelly, how did you decide what cookbooks to buy? You are inspiring me to start eating keto, I think it will help get my sugar under control, at least I'm hoping!! Can you please give us beginners a list of things we need to get started? Can we get the flavorings at a regular supermarket or do you get a lot of things from the internet? Thank You for sharing 🙂

  2. I went to message you on Instagram but you aren’t there anymore. I wanted to let you know next week sprouts has your stevia drops on buy one get one free. At least it does here in Arizona.

  3. You made so many delicious looking things! I saw in the comments that The Queens Cabinet commented!! I love both of your channels so much!! The new haircut is so flattering on you!!

  4. Just subscribed. I like the way these videos are laid out and all the recipe ideas and links. I watch while I'm walking, so this length is fine for me. 🙂 I made the broccoli cheese soup for lunch today and it was really good. I do have a question, as you have a daughter that doesn't eat strictly Keto. My husband and daughter don't eat Keto so I am concerned about making these high fat meals when they continue to eat carbs with breads, fruit and sweets. Does your daughter have to watch her portions? How do the two ways of eating work together?

  5. I ❤️ the new haircut!! Sure did miss seeing you last week but I totally understand needing a break! Thanks for including your meal prepping in this video! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I don't do the keto diet, but your recipes look so good! I really like your haircut, you are so pretty! And your nails always look great! I'm doing a big cleaning throughout the house, and love to have you on in the background. It's like talking to a sweet friend as I clean! Even my teen daughters love to watch your videos! I will get snapchats from my college daughter with a picture of your videos on her computer as she takes a study break!

  7. I know you regularly rave about that lasagna — and now you’ve convinced me to try it! 😀 Do you make her homemade sauce or use a bottled sauce, like Rao’s?

  8. I was wondering how the lasagna turned out without the layering? We are having a snow day here in the North East and I though that along with some Italian “breadsticks” would be a fantastic dinner for a cold icy day.

  9. Hi Shelly, Thank you so much for sharing some of your recipes. I would like to see you cooking more like you use to. If and when you feel like it. . Your haircut is so cute. I wanted to tell you my Kitchen Aid cover came today. I love it….. it is such good quality. If you are ever looking for another one. I got this one from Sherry’s Craft Patch on Etsy. I ordered it on the 6th and it came today. I had the mixer embroidered on it. With the saying Let’s Mix Things Up. You can also order a cover for Vitamix or Instapot. Thanks for all your hard work. Have a great week. 💕

  10. I absolutely can not get over how cute your hair is!!! 💗💗 I started keto because you inspired me!! Also what are the drops you put into your topo chico? I'm going back from the beginning of you starting keto so I can be successful like you. Will you post some cook with me videos. Like the biscuits or anything !! Love your channel

  11. I wish you would do live cooking or at least do some videos on cooking these recipes 🙂 hey I can wish right? The pecans sound amazing! I wonder how they would taste with some of the coconut extract? The ice cream sounds so good too ohhh and the biscuits and gravy good lord everything looks and sounds awesome! I wish I had my very own Shelly.

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