Indian Ketogenic diet plan for weight loss

Indian Version Of Ketogenic Diet for weight loss. The following plan is tailored for Indians with a sedentary lifestyle Indian Version of ketogenic diet ot indian keto …

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36 thoughts on “Indian Ketogenic diet plan for weight loss

  1. Hi Friend's . Thank you for watching our video , there is a small correction, Keto diet is moderately high in protein, and not HIGH in protein. Thank you for understanding and being such sweet viewers.

    Also , i would like to tell you that the above video is just an example of what an indian keto diet looks like. Like every thing else in the world , keto diet too has 2 sides , of pros and cons . it is hard to cover every thing in a video of 10 mins . Hence we have just mentioned the basics of keto diet and a sample diet plan .

    To know about the pros and cons and other pointers of keto diet , visit –

    To know about the FAQs , ( based on real queries that i come across everyday from my clients, readers and viewers read this article –
    It covers every thing from supplements needed , precautions needed, what type of fat , what type of carb to eat and every thing else you wished to know about keto .

  2. i don't think anyone should be going as low as 600 calories. Please do some more research on Keto before following this.

  3. Hi I need to ask some few questions abt this diet – can we eat kheera, watermelon, red chana,moon daal in between in all 4 weeks if at all we feel hungry!

  4. Hi ma'am plz quantity bhi mention kre…ya mujhe bataye how much use for diet…green tea mai honey ya lemon use kr sakty h kya… i m a house wife .

  5. Nice presentation…. more usefull… requesting you about cancer free diet….hope upload videos for cancer patient to live healthy…tq

  6. Well hello guys…all that I would like to say is that I have lost close to 25kgs without following any such weird Keto/Atkins/low this /high that diet…forget the cholesterol or watever…be realistic…these kind of diets cannot be a lifelong thing…so d moment ur off this diet…ur gonna pile on all dose kilos again!! My personal tip being someone who has successfully battled the bulge…adopt a healthy n normal eating pattern and go to the gym/swim/run up stairs/jog/do yoga watever ….some form of fitness and d diet…v simple rules…
    eat all that u want n in moderation
    Avoid extra oil,sugar n salt
    Avoid excess rice,pasta,bread,maida
    Keep cheat meals to once a week
    Keep dinner light
    Try goin for a soup 2 to 3 days a week as dinner
    Thats it guys…..these are simple stuff that we all know which is normal n can be followed…it is not abnormal and it is wat will actually work in the long run long after uv become fed up of these weird diets!!!

  7. Your e-keto diet plan is fake aap ne koi recipe nahi diya hai…. Aise galat bol kar paise nahi leni chaheye..

  8. Hi actually im barman so I worked in night so no breakfast no lumch !! Only dinner that also at 3 am !! So wat shud i do plz do needfull

  9. Eat normal healthy food ,cut down sweets and oil, it's said you should have food available in your surroundings bcoz that's easily digestable, eat when hungry, interminent fastting, or fast on traditional occasions which helps detoxify body ,exercise, be active, and you. Will loose weight naturally you can't follow all this one day or two day and you will quit to stick to it, instead try natural and normal methods and you will succeed. Lastly do have cheat days to have your favorite junk so that you don't get fed up dieting .

  10. what a bunch of garbage. if you consume 900 and 600 calories, you would lose weight regardless of keto or whatever theory.

  11. There are lot of problems in the diet that is mentioned there are many items which are not keto. Eating Soya or red chana will throw you right off keto.. please get your information right

  12. This is a quick fix solution going below 900 calories is insane again I'd say don't cut down your calories to this level until or unless you are trying to make weight for a MMA fight

  13. Kirthika Eswaran August 2, 2018 at 1:27 am - Reply

    Hi u have mentioned in the video diet chat free.but when click the link it says have to make the payment.

  14. I go to gym 5 days a week & workout includes weight training as well. If I follow Keto I can continue workout same way?

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