Indian diet plan for diabetes

Indian diet plan for diabetes. Simple diet chart and sample meal plan for 1 day. 1200 calorie diet plan for diabetes also helps in weight loss. sugar patients diet …

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28 thoughts on “Indian diet plan for diabetes

  1. Dear Viewers , This video is based on an average Indians, day to day lifestyle . Diabetes is about lifestyle management and not about eliminating any 1 food forever from your diet. ( Please dont punish your self). Completely gluten free and carb free diets are not practical to follow by all Indian. These diets are temporary and short term . We are providing a whole some , and balanced diet plan that can be easily followed by majority of Indians. If you are looking for a gluten free / Crab free diet, we will be happy to plan a personalized diet for you . Please email us at

    The Indian diet plan for diabetes mentioned here is composed of the food that we consume in our every day life . This video does not contain any fancy foods that most Indians will find hard to find in the market or to cook. Our Diet plan is not based on any hyped diet food that are trending in the market for something that a local food can easily provide without burning a hole in our pocket.

  2. Hello mam aap ka diet plan bhahut acha hai par mere dad ko 15 years se sugar hai aur wo baad gaya hai une ki age 62 hai aur
    doctor ne une insulin lene ko kaha hai.
    Please use ki liye diet plan bahate na I am waiting for ur reply mam

  3. Mujhe aapka diet chart bahut pasand aaya,mujhe abhi kuch din hue pata chala ki mera suger kuch badh gaya h,meri age 48 h or mujhe 1 shaal se high bp ki problem h saath me calostrole bhi h mai bp or dawa leti hu please muje diet bataye mera weight 96 kg h,help me

  4. Mam what is the connection of taking nimbu pani will it help in sugar my sugar is uncontrolled for last two years even I take 32 units lantus solo star injection every morning bcoz I eat through out the day non stop I feel hungry always plz reply mam

  5. If you`d like to eliminate diabetic issues and would like to switch to a healthier life style, then you can rely on this “amazing fivu com” (Google it). The manual have taught me regarding how cells aren`t able to feed on glucose because of fat. With “amazing fivu com” (Search Google), I was able to avoid the destructive effects of diabetes to my whole body, and ultimately, demise…

  6. The Last Bencher's Academy January 11, 2019 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    Dekho jis chij ki knowledge nhi ho uspr video mat banao is diet plan se mare jayenge log.tumhe pata h water melon ka glycemic index kitna h?

  7. thanx for sharing this video with us. My mom had been suffering from type-2 diabetes since 5 years. she tried many medicines and other remedies but they didn't work on her. then she had taken planet Ayurveda Diabeta-plus capsules. they are really effective.

  8. In diabetes, u can eat anything but in appropriate quantity n also most important it needs to be burned by physical activities like walking etc

  9. Nice information.please also make a Video on after eating fatigue because many diabetics feel lack of energy after eating.

  10. Good diet plan. Please advise me daily diet plan to reverse prediabetic condition. Prediabetic people should have jaggry and dates or not?
    Pls reply

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