How To Start A Paleo Diet (5 Options – #5 is my favorite)

How to start a Paleo diet – this is a question we get asked a lot, and in this video we go through in detail 5 different options for staring a Paleo diet. And for a …

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39 thoughts on “How To Start A Paleo Diet (5 Options – #5 is my favorite)

  1. Great video. I am confused about Paleo and keto. I have been on the keto diet for 6 months, lost a lot of weight but now I am ready for the paleo diet. Need help any suggestions

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  3. Stefanius Paralvicius October 19, 2018 at 6:36 pm - Reply

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  4. nice video ! paleo is the way 🙂 i thought the same before i tried it and i only tried it because i fount it on offer at a website and it works ! if anyone is thinking of giving this ago then get it cheaper here

  5. Great video louise .
    I also tried going on a Paleo diet, I had suffered from heartburn for years and was taking omeprazole daily, I looked into a number of different diets and came across paleo which I had never heard of and found that it had a lot of benefits, so though I wouldtry it for 5 weeks, after the 2nd week my heartburn stop bothering me. I like food and wasnt sure what to do at the beginning so I found a package that gave me lots of recipes and help, some of you viewers might find it helpful to so here it is

  6. Let go of Bread…. CHECK
    Let go of PASTA….. CHECK!!!!
    Let go of all processed graines….. CHECK!!!!!
    Let go of beer…. FUCK THAT!
    lol ok, so I am NEARLY full Paleo…..

  7. Only assholes tell people to clean out their pantries. People who want to go on to paleo need to get their money's worth out of the products they've bought before and ease into paleo. You spent money on that "food" that's in your pantry, use it up. Use it up and never buy that kind of food again, unless you want to. Yeah, the old stuff is probably unhealthy, but it will feed you and soon you'll be on paleo without having thrown food into the garbage that starving people want. BTW, giving it to a food bank is like giving a known embezzler your money.

  8. Honestly, option 3 is going to be the best for most people. Small steps overtime helps to build good habits, an easy transition, and in 3-4 months it will catch up with the other options anyway. If you look at the overall timeline of our lives, taking 3 months to transition to a healthy lifestyle through small steps isn't much time at all!

  9. Thank you for the very informative and motivating video! Reflecting, I think my bad reactions to breads and grains gave me a distaste for them so giving them up isn't particularly challenging for me. 🙂

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  11. First attempt at learning about paleo diet but learned very little. Have to look up what do paleo dieters eat! I think a thirty second video to answer this question would have been beneficial for me.

  12. oneoptimisticstar October 19, 2018 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    Great video, I'm not a fan of the word diet at all, so when people would mention how I should try this I just changed the subject, but after not being consistent with my cardio kick boxing for about 4 weeks, I noticed one of my class mates looked like she had really lost a lot of weight and I asked her and she said she's on this diet and only eats out about 2x a month, she's down 30 lbs and said she has 50 more to go. I'm happy for her, this diet looks pretty healthy, the eating no carbs is what would be hard for me, since I eat oatmeal in the morning because it keeps me more satisfied then when I have 2 eggs with veggies, but I may give it a try. what kills us in our household is we do eat out on most weekends, it's our reward from both working long days. wish us luck

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  14. Cata Body & Table October 19, 2018 at 6:36 pm - Reply

    Great video! Not everybody is the same and I think we should listen to our bodies and do what makes us feel good, that is the key to success.

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