Healthy Sandwich & Wrap Recipes (Packed Lunch for Work or School)

I LOVE sandwiches & wraps as my lunch-to-go because they’re fast, convenient and simple to eat whether at work, school or while travelling. Unfortunately store …

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48 thoughts on “Healthy Sandwich & Wrap Recipes (Packed Lunch for Work or School)

  1. where I'm living there is only 2 green leafy vegetables are available spinach and handful rocket can I use them in every dish I make ???

  2. @JoannaSoh, I tried the Vegan Spiced Curry Chickpeas Wrap. I love it and felt full with one! Can't wait to try the other two sandwiches! Thank you for the health kicks!

  3. Wow! The last sandwich was amazing!
    I make egg salad sandwiches from time to time but i've never even considered using avocado instead of mayo, perfect! 😀 Thank you!!!
    I don't even particularly like avocado (yuck haha, sorry all the avocado lovers!!!) but as long as it is mixed with other stuff i can eat it and i found it very tasty 🙂

    Oh! And you can also "veganize" it by exchanging the egg for tofu! ;))

  4. Hi Joanna , do you mind to share the brands of bread and yogurt that you are using from this video? Cuz I believe I could also get it from Singapore as well :)

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  6. I'm on the look of a healthy yet tasty food, so finding your videos make it easier for me to take a healthy shift on my diet. Thank you so much! :)

  7. hi joanna I m college going girl then pls suggested me vegetarian dish and reddish help to lose weight fast plsss suggest me

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