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use moringa in your meals and make them nutrient dense. today I am sharing healthy cauliflower sabzi with moringa powder using groundnut oil #vegan. this …

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41 thoughts on “Healthy Sabzi Recipe – Indian Vegetarian Side Dish – Lunch Box Recipes | Skinny Recipes

  1. Hi sis this dish very unique with the herbs n all👌something new n I never tried before "sure wil try the recipe"👍 as always great sis💕bye❤️

  2. Adding moringa powder into the sabzi was a twist. I will try it. I am using organic India moringa powder. But it looks different than yours don't know why

  3. Hello Nisha mam, thank you for sharing another healthy recipe for us😀 Can you please advise if people who have thyroid problems still eat cauliflower?

  4. Hello mam now ramdan is going to started.. So I can drink ur banana and oats smoothie at sahur?? Morning before 5 o clock….

  5. Priyanka Kaushik May 6, 2019 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Very nice recipe. I have not tasted moringa leaves or powder? does moringa powder have a typical taste or smell…I mean is it overpowering? Could you describe the taste of moringa?

  6. Rama Chakkaravarthy May 6, 2019 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Super very nice it's different from the other curry very healthy recipe thanks for sharing

  7. Hi Nisa ji, Jus a query. Wanted to know how long an we store kaphli/Emmer wheat flour dough. N how to store it. Coz I had extra dough n stored in an air tight container applying oil. But the dough became very sticky. Kindly revert back.

  8. If I can’t get moringa powder or leaves, what can I use Instead? Can I skip it? Would it affect the recipe/taste much?

  9. Nice and tasty sabji mom .your dish of roasted vegetables is part of our kids lunch or dinner.s o nice of you for sharing healthy recipes and i appreciate your effort in giving us the nutritional value abt the ingredients.And cold pressed oil or virgin oil is the same mom??💐💐

  10. Never made cauliflower this way, surely will try. Thanks so much….your recepies undoubtedly turns a hit each time

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