Healthy Recipes | Seasoned Ground Turkey


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41 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes | Seasoned Ground Turkey

  1. Grap seed oil is soy bean oil so is canola and vegatabe oil best to use cold press olive oil. do a google search to see how companys are fooling us about oils. Thanks for recipe.

  2. Interesting to watch; as I was cooking ground turkey today. I like the idea of adding vegs to the frypan. I'll try it next time! Thanks.

  3. Is that ground turkey BREAST you are using? I always make sure the pkg. say's Ground turkey breast. plain ground turkey can mean any part of the turkey which means fat, bones,skin and other parts of the turkey. Thank you for recipe! Can't wait to try it!!

  4. This was so helpful. I'm on a weight loss journey. I'm down almost 20 pounds. It's not much but it's a start.

  5. 1. food looks bomb. 2. this dude doesn't act like your typical douche bag fitness guy lol. seems like a down to earth guy. going to make this tomorrow.

  6. Phylicia Fleetwood August 20, 2017 at 4:21 am - Reply

    I'm new to meal prepping and also never had ground turkey. This recipe has helped me out a lot in my fitness journey. Very tasty!! Thank you!!

  7. I'm curious is there a specific reason White Chia seed is used?
    I love this recipe and gonna incorporate Chia this way.

  8. thank you Brett for this delicious dinner. I just made for me and my son . delicious. you give me great health cooking meals. I am also organic…Thank you Brett for sharing all this great videos.

  9. remember Bret….focus on the people that need this……like me ..have a blessed day…you and Karlie both I'm keep watching…yesssssssss

  10. Hey, what's up?
    First off, keep up the good work. I use your recipes all of the time because they're quick, easy, and tasty.
    The only thing I would say is that since you're using some organic ingredients, why not just go all organic and cut out all toxic chemicals, GMOs, etc…? Bragg's has a good line of flavorings, simply organic has really good herbs & spices that come in little airtight mason jars, and seasonings are just AMAZING.
    Besides my little personal pet peeves, you got a subscriber fo' lyfe homie!

  11. This is so good! I am Asian and I have an Asian tip that may sound weird… Mix about 3/4 tablespoon of cornstarch and add a little water then add it to the pan when you are almost done cooking. It sticks the sauce to the meat (i only used ground chicken).

  12. ROFL I love how in the description it says "-GRAPESEED OIL (to cook with)" like what the fuck else were you going to do with it?

  13. Looks deliciousss!!! Also keep putting healthy dinner video's hehe! Doesnt matter if its chicken or not, just film whatever u 2 like to eat don't care about what us people think about it! 😉

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