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19 thoughts on “Healthy Ramadan Meals for Iftar | Quick and Easy Iftar Recipes for Weight Loss

  1. fawzia tabassum May 25, 2018 at 12:41 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for this ! I have a question for you . I usually need fill full completely after Iftar . Can I still have lots of fruits with this if I want to lose weight !? Or that would be too much ? Usually I eat melons , grapes , dates and apples

  2. hey random question but do you go out and pay for your own groceries or do you use whatever ingredients are available in your fridge that your parents have bought?

  3. Ramadan mubarak Hana😍🎆Thaaaank u 4 the vedio i liked the recipes so much especially the pasta recipe😍but the 2nd recipe is interesting i've never had it before so i have to try it soon and it's sooo easy too🤣👍👍👍thanks again💘💘

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