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37 thoughts on “Healthy Noodle Recipe (Under 300cals!)

  1. One question, how do you manage to do both school and weight lost at the same time? Cuz im trying to become healthier but I still have to study , attend tiution, school , curricular activities … etc etc T_T

  2. You are the cutest health youtuber I have come across. I found you last night and I'm so happy I did. I'm 31 and I am a Medical Doctor Scola. And you are a v inspirational and sensible kid. Good Job girl. Salam/hello from Australia. 

  3. Guess what?? I made this meal yesterday and since I'm on Weight watchers, it was roughly 7 points…Amazing!
    Thanks, Scola! I'm 34 yrs and most definitely learning a lot from you.. All the way from Brighton:-)

  4. Canyoudigityesyoucan December 19, 2016 at 12:16 am - Reply

    Love you Scola – but noodles are not on my health food list – they are constipating and void of any worthwhile nutrition.  Stick to whole foods and you can't go wrong. 

  5. T.T no whole-wheat noodles in Saudi, I'm so jealous! x'D Looks so yummy! oh & I understand how you don't like your food soft and wanted more crunchy 😮 cause I do love mine like this as well! hehe thanks for sharing x

  6. Scola I tried this recipe a long time ago in November and I have to say it was delicious! I added spinach, red bell pepper, butternut squash, broccoli, carrots, and some crushed red spices. Thank you so much for this recipe 

  7. Scola you are SUCH an inspiration!! One question though..have you eaten 1200 throughout the whole time? And still now? With all the  cardio you do aren't you always really hungry? I find the more cardio I do the more  hungry I am! 1200 seems really really low. This isn't a criticism by the way 🙂 just a genuine interest x

  8. Tried this today! Came out delicious.. I even added my own vegetables (squash, tomato, and onion) and spices (oregano), too! Thank you :)

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