Healthy Meal Prep | Simple and Easy Recipes For The Week

FIT FOR THE NEW YEAR | 2 quick meal prep recipes for the week. Easy for on-the-go lunches or dinner. I hope you enjoy, xo. Daily Fit Tips With Whit: …

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40 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Prep | Simple and Easy Recipes For The Week

  1. Love these recipes but curious why you used canned ingredients? Dont they tend to be more on the unhealthy side due to high sodium content?

  2. This looks bomb? I also uploaded a video – 3 ingredient protein pancakes! Sooo easy to make! Btw love the recipes and all your vids❤❤❤

  3. I love your meal prep/recipe videos! It would be SUPER COOL if next time you included a fish recipe tho! I really want to fit more fish into my diet but have no idea how to cook it or what recipes to make hehe

  4. I'm usually not one to comment and I've only just recently started really doing this whole YouTube thing (mainly because I saw a few of your videos ?) but I just have to say.. I really do enjoy watching your videos! They make me feel happy and pumped for my workouts! ??? I also enjoy seeing how successful your endeavors are becoming and excited to see you reach the top ☝? Get. It. Girl. ????

  5. Can you make some low carb meals? I think you mentioned it but i wasn't sure, as i want to start carb cycling with my mum but we struggle with low carb dinners x

  6. Children Of The Gods (ChildrenOfTheGods) February 8, 2017 at 10:48 am - Reply

    I live for your meal-preps. Can you do a video on what to eat for that time of the month and how you stay motivated during? That's always a huge problem for me.

  7. I saw a girl at the gym today doing one of your arm workouts and I was like "hey girl, you watch whitney Simmons?" She said yeah and now we're friends lol

  8. I've been following you since you've had like less than 10,000 subs and I'm so happy your channel has grown because you're the funniest and most wonderful person ever ??❤❤❤

  9. Girl whats poppen! omg Whit so yummy! girl your videos seriously give me life! because of your meal prep vids and get FIT with Whit I have been so inspired and really feel like this time around I'm going to make it to my fitness goals! gains! also I loved your halo top video and you should so one for different snacks like the protein cookies and bars! anyway love you girl and keep making a difference in the world :)

  10. All of your videos are great, but what I would really love is if you could make a video where just teach me how to be you! ? ILYSM OK BYE ❤

  11. Kellie Harley (thekellie) February 8, 2017 at 10:48 am - Reply

    What do you drink besides water? I feel like I need a little somethin somethin so I don't drink diet sodas all day. ?

  12. since i started watching your videos ive been going to the gym with more motivation but i cant stop eating all the greasy mexican food???

  13. I honestly love watching all your videos!! I tried the egg muffins and I loved them , can't wait to try enchilada one, but question … when I was macro counting I counted everything through MFP, and I weighed everything! It was dedication …. but how did you know the exact macros for 1 enchilada? Did you weigh the meat before you placed on the tortilla? I wanna know exactly per 1 so I can see what else I need to add according to my macros …. please help 🙂 love you !!!!! ❤ and can't wait till another meal prep meal idea!!

  14. I know you use Lifesum to count your macros, do you think it's worth upgrading to the premium or is the free one just fine?

  15. I recently subscribed to your page and I lovveeeee your videos!! I've made so many of the meal prep meals you've shared!! Thank you!!!!!

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