Healthy Meal Prep | Simple and Delicious Meal Ideas

I hope this video gives you some meal inspiration! Keep in my mind that I do have 2 snacks in addition to these 3 meals. I typically like to eat 5-6 small meals …

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47 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Prep | Simple and Delicious Meal Ideas

  1. "Portion according to your appetite" I almost died laughing I'm gonna need double all the portions shown in this video. Lol

  2. Could you do a video on tips to eating healthier? Also, maybe add some alternatives to making stuff gluten free if it wasn't already?

    I'm the only one in my family who's gluten free (celiac disease..) and I struggle a lot with it. So, if anyone is looking at this as they scroll through the comments and are gluten free, I'm open to your tips too!

  3. This is the first meal prep I have seen that actually looks good and appetizing. I may actually try these out. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. People get bothered by the littlest things.. Lol. I didn't see an issue with your video. God forbid you choose to smush those bananas with your bare hands or make a little mess

  5. I'm sorry but it was sooo stressful watching you making a mess as you were filling the cups of the overnight oats.

  6. Good ideas but you also did some cooking and unhealthy mistakes. Cooking with aluminum foil will contaminate your system and you will end up with all sorts of problems from aluminum heavy metal toxicity. It's much better to cook in pyrex glass dishes or over parchment paper. Also, even though many YouTubers use coconut oil in savory dishes, its taste and aroma is better in sweet dishes, avocado and grapeseed oil are better alternatives. You also don't use the crockpot without any form of liquid, sauce or oil or the taste and texture will be dry and bland.

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