Healthy Junk Food Recipes | Easy Paleo Pretzel & Queso

Healthy Junk Food! These junk food recipes are spins on your old faves, made healthy and paleo! Enjoy these healthy snacks 🙂 MORE HEALTHY RECIPES: …

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28 thoughts on “Healthy Junk Food Recipes | Easy Paleo Pretzel & Queso

  1. sweater weather is coming (its is still trying to decide where I live lol) Maybe some healthy soups for colds? or yummy desserts for thanksgiving dinner? love your channel!

  2. These look absolutely delish! Could you do apple pie and egg tarts next? And what's a good substitute for cassava flour?

  3. That looks so good!! It's something that, I think my toddler and my husband might just eat! Which is extremely difficult

  4. What great recipes…seem so easy and way healthier. So happy I found u. Nice to be able to still eat good snacks without all the crap.

  5. This is absolutely wonderful. How often do you go grocery shopping? Do you ever massively stock up at Costco? Maybe you could possibly film in Costco and show how you shop

  6. Hi,
    I love all ur recipes. U encourage me to be healthy. U make cooking fun. I just wanted to ask if u can make a healthier version of croissant. Please

  7. Is that flour gluten free? I have IBS everything bothers me tummy but I cheat and eat.. not these snack fattening? Very overweight?

  8. What is pealo flour? What flour did u use for pretzles? U said arrowroot and something else u said in start of video

  9. HEY GUYS! Enjoy these healthy junk food recipes 🙂 Let me know what you want to see next! As always, thank you to each of you for watching, it really means a lot 💗 Give it a thumbs up if you liked it!

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