Healthy & Easy Meal Prep on a Budget **under £20 total**

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33 thoughts on “Healthy & Easy Meal Prep on a Budget **under £20 total**

  1. Buddy, the meat you're preparing is far from being healthy. Its full of antibiotics and what else from the bad conditions those animals were bred. If you wanna prepare meals on a budget go vegetarian. Or get good organic meat but thats gonna cost you a bit. Cheap and good meat isn't a possible combination.

  2. These type of meal prep videos tend to be posh "fitness experts" spending absurd amounts on "organic" etc. foods that end up making each meal like $10 each.

    This however was a good video showing how you can do decent tasting meals on a minimal budget and obviously still be able to be fit/healthy if you watch your portions and keep active.

    Nice video, keep it up.

  3. This is really helpful, I'm currently at uni and want to do meal prep but I'm put off by the thought of it being an expensive process, so thanks for sharing this!

  4. nice video – it was really cool to get that video recommended as I needed a few ideas for prepping…..
    just one thing: please don't buy meat at aldi or other discounters … it's not fucking healthy due to the medicaments they give the (suffering) animals and it's probably the same in the UK but in Germany (where Aldi comes from) there are more and more people who don't buy cheap meat anymore an instead go to a good local butcher: don't save at the wrong point

  5. I really liked the video and might try one of his recipes, but if he prepares every single meal every week, he should consider using reusable containers instead of those aluminium trays.

  6. yah…I eat this stuff Monday-friday and then on Saturday I must spend 50$ in whisky to rehab from depression of eating it Monday-friday

  7. I am an Indian guy… This concept of eating 4-5 days precooked meals is totally alien to us…… We only eat freshly prepared meals.. N given the variety of food here… our no 2 meals are same within a week…. Probably the reason why we are so fat and healthy and out of shape… 🤣🤣.. Buti find this a very nice alternative and a very good approach to eat hassle free meals everyday.. 🤣 😂 👍👌Good work.. Keep it up.. Would like to see more..

  8. I´m just concerned about getting the rest ~1900 kcal i need per day (~3000) with breakfast and shakes? 😀 But you already told in the describtion you´ll bring some bulk meal preps, so thanks a lot 😉

  9. The only thing to watch with rice is that it can breed some nasties whilst cooling/being reheated- moreso than even something like a meat sauce.
    For best practice, if you're meal prepping, try and cool.the rice as quickly as possible after cooking and make sure it's piping hot before eating – my preferred method is to wash the cooked rice with cold water, then spread it on a tray in the freezer .
    It can then be reheated from frozen along with the sauce .

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