Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

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34 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep

  1. I have smoothies every day for breakfast but would love to see more ways of including a veggie. My standards are spinach (virtually similar to what was shown here) and carrot (make "juice" by adding water and other ingredients like mango, orange, etc.). I've heard cucumber + apple is also a good combination. Abby other veggie ideas, besides kale? I don't like the taste.

  2. Going to try the milk shake i spend every other month $3 for small mix frute bag and large $12 i find ot the i am constenly picking out what i want (Husband likes mango only ) or not getting eaquel amount of frute (i like to mix frute), good idea thank you

  3. they should make an episode series of continential and national foods like asian, carribean , italian and spanish etc. that will be VERY famous kinda like threadbanger but with food

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