Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 3 Easy Recipes ♡

LIKE this video if you want more healthy eating videos! There can be SUCH controversy with health and diet related videos, so let me first state by saying the …

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47 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Ideas: 3 Easy Recipes ♡

  1. I'm a vegetarian and it's sorta hard to find a good how-to cooking video, this is the best video I've seen yet!definitely trying these recipes♡

  2. i have a few questions can the almond milk be substituted with regular milk and how would you store/reheat the quinoa mix?

  3. i don't like sweet potatoes so is a good alternative.I try to eat breakfast school is starting next week any tips

  4. Excited to try these recipes out! Quick question…do you notice that when you bring the almond milk to a boil it begins to taste bitter? If not, do you have any tricks to avoid making it taste bitter?

  5. Love your little bowl that you poured the quinoa out of, so cute. I already eat really clean but trying to find some more variety. I hit early menopause at 39 and seeing if I eat even cleaner if it helps with the symptoms because they are kicking my booty. Thanks for the ideas. I just went and bought the ingredients for your bean salad for lunch but forgot the dang red onion and cilantro…I love me some cilantro so I will have to go back out for that tomorrow maybe. Thanks again.

  6. I really wish I had a broader pallet. for breakfast I really only like waffles, pancakes, hard boiled eggs, and cold pizza. I also like fruit.

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