Hey guys back with another video! If you are looking to lose weight this is a GREAT healthy breakfast recipe you should definitely try out! Its has a great balance …

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  1. yummy that look good can you please make more video like this but Monday through Friday thank you god bless and marry christman and a happy new year to you and every one in you tube god bless

  2. Hey guys, The lemak terbaik yang pernah saya miliki adalah dengan Janes rencana sihir (hanya google) Tanpa ragu diet yang paling berguna yang pernah saya mencoba

  3. REMOVE BREAD from equation, ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY bread is not good, be it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000% wholewheat .

  4. I've had issues with controlling my appetite for a while. I know each product may have different results and effects, however for me nothing has worked as good. I do not have the same appetite and do not snack at my desk all the time either. I've dropped over 16 pounds in two months and am very very happy with this Weight Loss Green Store Tea product.

  5. This was awesome! Maybe I shouldn't have watched this while fasting lol.. Would love to see more healthy lunch and dinner ideas ???

  6. Great video!!! Leyla and you are just the best ever. It puts a smile on my face watching you two as you lot are my fav! Keep it up ?? you should definitely do more videos with her ?

  7. great video josh I'm actually going to try this it made me feel so hungry while watching it and in the end it looked delicious ???

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