Ham & Cheese Egg Cups | Quick & Easy Keto Meal Prep

Ham & Cheese Egg Cups Recipe: – Sliced Lunch Meat – Shredded Cheese – 10 Large Eggs – Sliced Green Onions – Salt and Pepper -Muffin tin 1) Preheat to …

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42 thoughts on “Ham & Cheese Egg Cups | Quick & Easy Keto Meal Prep

  1. You can use bacon ,baloney or turkey or even cooked polenta bottoms for a treat also, Basil works well instead of green onions etc. I love this recipe

  2. Awesome Quick Breakfast recipe… Definitely trying this with some Bacon 🥓… 😋 Yummy Great vid!! 😎👍💞🐶

  3. Love your channel. Thank you so much, you have so many wonderful ideas, yes I would love to see more. Bo is the sweetest cute little dumpling iv ever seen..and your sweet boyfriend.

  4. Love the recipe as is and I might add some red pepper. Great video – perfect camera angles, clear instruction, your cheerful self, and then a little Beaux. Perfection! keep ‘em up!

  5. I have a dog similar in size to Beaux – what is the brand of bones you are giving him? I like the size of those bones.

  6. I make the ham and egg cups all the time, I change it up a little each time. Love it with jalapeño & cheese of course , green chilies are also a favorite.

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