Full day of Eating – No Cooking

Full day of Eating without Cooking. So if you are living away from your home in a hostel or PG or you are a working professional who hardly finds time for …

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38 thoughts on “Full day of Eating – No Cooking

  1. Lunch is not dal Chawal…its bhel muri or whatever you can call..u can also add sprouts readily available in market…it will taste more better and healthy too

  2. jo log ekdum unhealthy food khaate h jinke paas time hi nhi hota healthy khaane ka unlogo ko kaise healthy rkha jaaye. Jisse unko kbhi calcium ki problem nhi ho. Plzz btaiye .

  3. वैसे वो ब्रॉउन ब्रेड वाला बोहत heavy है,मगर अच्छा है।

  4. i have a question… everybody says wake up and drink water… but drink water before completing the morning stuff or after it??

  5. OMG… U are always jusstt great man….the worth tuber….looonggg livvveee ….god bless u…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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