Fitness Routine + Healthy Lunch Date + EASY Dinner Idea

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32 thoughts on “Fitness Routine + Healthy Lunch Date + EASY Dinner Idea

  1. Wow 7.99 for that rotisserie chicken? 🙀 over here it’s 4.99 at Costco in California!!! Great blog though, I really enjoy these vlogs. I just purchased those knives!❤️

  2. you guys are adorable, we are watching "la casa de las flores" (House of flowers), is a mexican show on netflix, really good!

  3. Madhu Sandaruwani October 29, 2018 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Hi sis. U are sooo beautiful… 😍😍😍. I love u sooo much… I like your skin colour. 😘😘😘 from sri lanka…

  4. I am on a spree..watching all your recent vids i missed…also i recently started my own youtube…would appreciate if someone subs😊

  5. Hopefully the forks and spoons are not made out of plastic but are bio degradable. Otherwise his whole concept wouldn’t make sense. But in general it’s a cool place

  6. Have to say one of the things I love most a bout you is that you're Canadian living in Toronto. I grew up 10 minutes from Mad radish and recognize the areas you show frequently! It is so cool to be able to relate to you on such a personal level. I feel like there is a lack of Canadian and Toronto based you tubers so it is so refreshing to watch someone I can relate to so easily.

  7. Lukas Elija Larkins October 29, 2018 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    That coffee cup is out of this world cute and i need to know how I can get one! My gosh I love that you had the song hang on sloopy playing. My dogs name is sloopy and when ever I play the song my dog get happy and weird. My dad is from Ohio and the Ohio state buckeyes band plays this song and my dad just though a girls name sounded great for a boy dog but it worked! My dogs name is Buoy chi hes a crazy but cute.

  8. Mad radish is one of my go to lunch spots! They also change up their menu and add new items pretty often so there are always new things to try

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