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  1. I don’t even like spinach but that darn salad looks amazing!!! Your roast looked yummy I never saw a green potato but I bought potato’s that had purple in the bag, my girls wouldn’t eat them!!!

  2. Your salads always look so yummy and I know that roast was delicious! Hope you and your family have a blessed evening 🙂

  3. Whats up girl how have you been my son disnt go to school today we live in michigan it was ice storm here wish u stayed near me

  4. trying working on a car outside in frezzy cold but sounds like u guys are having fun too lol k i am coming to dinner lol not even waitting lol jk

  5. hi Crystal…I'm so glad that you were able to post your youtube videos in spite of the fact that your internet was not working…I noticed your youtube video was not posted as usual a couple of days ago and now I know why…I'm sorry to hear about all the snow and cold you have been having out east…here on the west coast of Canada the weather hasn't been too bad…we did have a cold spell for a short while when we had some rainstorms…I really enjoyed Hayley's birthday gift unwrapping youtube video and it was nice to see how the artificial glue-on nails looked on her…they looked very nice…you did a beautiful job wrapping her birthday presents!

  6. Hey Crystal… Really like the merchandise…. YAY… You GOT cottage cheese… YUMMY… Thanks for being YOU… Glad you could upload the video…Miss you all when there are no videos… FANCY!!! #fancysinthehouse 😍❤😊

  7. Nutter Butters! I take a bowl of chocolate ice cream and smash up the nutter butters and mix them in to the ice cream. So good but so bad at the same time. Lol

  8. Hi pink snowing here tonight my Internet went off for a few hrs as well. It's so annoying I'm making a irishstew as it is so cold minus 7 so that lamb stew will be welcome god bless.

  9. I found out one of my Brothers has Stage 2 COPD, found out one of my Cousins only has 2 months to live due to Cancer , and then found out today that a Friend has Liver and Bone Cancer. All in one week. Your Videos and prayer relaxes me at night. Thank you.

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