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44 thoughts on “Eat Healthy for Under $20

  1. two grill chicken thighs and a banana will fill you up. It costs 2.75. Its not diet food its just food. You don't need "parsley soup", just go to the deli at walmart. Why is this so hard?

  2. Guys they're just tryna point out that food can be cheap, add extra ten dollars that you were gonna spend on eyeliner and buy some other foods you like and you got a nice meal.. the point is how the hell can people say it's expensive

  3. My opinon? Get a good, healthy oatmeal or pancake mix. Have these for breakfast and switch them up with different flavors. Keep as many healthy snacks in the fridge as possible. And go for as many lean proteins, complex carbs, fruit and veg as you can possibly buy ( check your store ad before you shop). Just take some time to do your shopping,don't worry about what everyone else is doing, and really think about the meals as you're shopping for them. 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. Dont be fooled it may or may not be true that its .8ⓒ per serving but buying all the things needed will cost over $20.00

  5. Patricia Trilcia Hine-sight November 29, 2018 at 10:10 am - Reply

    ThE sick part about this is this man wants us to eat food we don't enjoy like a dog and the fact he is full of 💩 because every area Is different with their prices .

  6. I can eat really good off 30$-40$ bucks a week vegtables oatmeal almonds apples bananas quinoa chicken thighs or breast or salmon from the BUTCHER eggs a bag of potatoes peanut butter ect… it's really not hard or expensive to eat good

  7. That why I always try to stay away from buffet the reason is very unhealthy I always go to the 99 cent store they have all of what I needed to eat healthy in cheap the 99 cent store has meat and veggies as well for a very low price than for proten I go to Walmart and get me a 3 dollar roast chicken from Walmart to make meals last me two weeks under 20 dollars or really close to it the 20 dollars last me the whole two weeks

  8. as nice as these look..i just dont think they would fill me up..also considering i have a super fast metabolism..but I'm sure it works for others

  9. Lady, get some beans and rice and save yourself the trouble of powdered peanut butter. Lol. I'd buy protein powder before powdered peanut butter. Come on Dr. Oz.

  10. Starch (beans, rice, potatoes) based diet with fruits and vegetables. Dr Oz knows the truth, he is no dummy, but he is clearly in bed with industry.

  11. Healthy fats from nuts are not bad for you!!!! They add sugar to it and the the stuff you need to avoid like the plague. Also quinoa is pricey af go for millet and other cheap grains instead

  12. these types of shows. damn. how is this guy a doctor? he is telling only crap ass standard medical lies. You guys need to search yourself for the truth. stop believing these dead animal promoters. peace and love!

  13. This is aimed at those seeking a healthier diet while still keeping it inexpensive. Is it perfect? No, but it is sure close to it. Better than grabbing a greasy, salty potato chips or Oreo cookies.

  14. Just curious! If a small can of salmon cost $1.75 and your serving size is $.35 /serving. How big is this serving size?
    1 tablespoon of salmon? Hmmm Sounds like a great diet. Eat like a bird!

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